Vlingo: Voice Control your Nokia

5 10 2009

I initially blogged about Vlingo when it was in very early beta testing, but have noticed recently via the web and through their PR people they are a lot more mature these days and are actually being pre-installed in new Nokia E72 and N97 devices direct from the Nokia factory (included in the firmware).

So what is Vlingo? What devices can I use it on? and Is it any good?

I’ll try answering all of these and give you a little run-down of how to use it.

First up there are two versions of Vlingo, Vlingo (free version) and Vlingo PRO (One off payment or monthly payment). The main difference between the two are you can use for sending unlimited text and email messages with the Vlingo PRO version.

What is Vlingo?

Vlingo delivers a voice interface and technology that allows users to instantly access services and content on their device. These services include the ability send text and email messages, call contacts, search the Web, update your Facebook or Twitter status and much more by just speaking into their phone.

Okay that’s what Vlingo says their application is.

All you have to do is press and hold the key on the side of your E71 or touch the screen button on the 5800XM, speak into it and Vlingo translates your commands and actions them. Simple? Well yes if you have access to the internet as Vlingo at the moment sends what you say to the web to translate, Vlingo explain the techie stuff HERE.

What devices can I use it on?
Currently there are only limited devices Vlingo will fully work with, they are the N95, N95 8GB, E51, E71, E75, 5530XM and 5800XM. Vlingo will also come pre-installed in newer E72, N97 and N97 Mini and will be available to existing N97 owners when Firmware v2.0 is released.

Vlingo also say you can try on E52, E55, E71X, N81, N96, or 6120, but may encounter some bugs. I installed on the E55 I had and found it worked okay, but couldn’t open the Text & Email Messages very well.

Is it any good?
The big question, is it any good. Well yes with in my opinion one slight problem I hope they can improve on. The voice recognition software works great and I’ve been told it learns as more people use it. I found the software great to use in the car while driving with my BH-503 Bluetooth Headset to quickly send text to the Wife to tell her where I was and to quickly open Maps and other apps without having to stare at the phones screen and divert my attention away from the road.

The one slight problem I have with Vlingo is that it has to go online to translate everything, this is fine for myself who has unlimited internet access, but I did lose my internet connection while driving through mountains and I couldn’t then use Vlingo. I’d like it if you could save most used sayings to the phones memory or something? Maybe something for the future.

Vlingo being pre-installed on the latest Nokia devices is a great idea and it better than some of the stupid web shortcuts they’ve been adding to the devices. This is a great app for nokia to include on their devices and I hope they can do a deal to make it free for full PRO use?

Download Vlingo and try it out for yourself, the FREE version will allow you to test sending 5 text and emails before you need to upgrade to the PRO version, but all the other voice commands for launching apps and searching the web will work indefinately with the FREE version.




2 responses

6 10 2009

Thanks for reviewing this, I have been looking for driver-oriented apps ever since I bought my N95-1 but I find this whole area is sadly neglected by Nokia. Apple have added extensive voice control to the iPhone but if Nokia are starting to include this in their firmware now they may catch up.

6 10 2009

Hi, thanks interesting review. I have an iPhone for work and a Nokia for personal use and I’m really interested in the vlingo functionality as it seems to do a lot – calls, search, maps, email, texts etc and opening up 3rd party apps such as Facebook. When I tried the Apple voice app for the iPhone all it did was make calls and allow you to play music using your voice?…I agree with the other user above Nokia is sadly lacking in the whole apps arena. They never promote apps and its very hard to find / download them

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