Google Reader comes to Gravity

12 10 2009

@janole of has just released Alpha build 6074 6078 6086 of Gravity and has added Google Reader into it.


I’m just testing it out myself, but thought I’d let you all know about in ASAP. Watch when you mark items all read in folders as you only see the first 20 items and there maybe more unread items available, but marking all read means that!

Download HERE Remember its for ALPHA testing only at the moment.

UPDATE 13/10/09: Small update to Build 6078 for ‘Mark as Read’ and gReader Settings
UPDATE 16/10/09: Now saving failed duplicate or oversized tweets in the Drafts folder




9 responses

12 10 2009

that looks awesome. Cant wait to see this version on my nokia 5800. What is the ETA?

12 10 2009

It should be available for the 5800XM right now, download and add a new account, like you do with a twitter one

13 10 2009
13 10 2009
13 10 2009
Gravity: disponibile la versione 1.24.6074 Alpha - Applicazioni Symbian 3° Edizione -  » - Software, applicazioni, news e temi per cellulari symbian

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13 10 2009
Gravity: disponibile la versione 1.24.6074 Alpha | Risorse Free


14 10 2009

gerrymoth i need you help.
I’m searching for a PDF reader, for my E71.
Infact just a tool to open bigger PDF files, the normal Adobe reader doens’t work well.


16 10 2009

Not found another PDF Viewer for S60

25 10 2009

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