N97 v20 Q+A – What do you want to ask?

28 10 2009

Next Tuesday (3rd November) we’ll be attending an online Q+A all about the brand spanking new Nokia N97 Firmware v20. On the panel will be Frank Zillikens, the Lead Firmware Developer and Catalin Gheorghiu, a member of the Technical Team. This is chance to find out more about the new software and hopefully find out what else is coming. We want YOU to tell us what to ask, what you like or dislike about the software, what you want to see!

The best questions will be put forward on your behalf, and as many of them as possible, so get your thinking hats on and comment below with your questions. Please try to avoid the ‘Why isn’t it available on ‘x’ product code yet?’ type questions, we want to dig deeper than that, so come on ‘Team nokiAAddict’ show us what you’re made of!

NOTE: gerrymoth will be getting a N97 with FW v20 pre-installed next week to trial out, so stay tuned for his thoughts on this new firmware.




17 responses

28 10 2009
Dean Macke

1. What is the reason behind the exclusion of the SIP client and Internet Radio? Are these indicative of the direction Nokia is heading or a technology issue?
2. Why does is appear that formatting the phone and mass memory enhance 2.0, shouldn’t upgrading bring the same enhancements without the need for this?
3. What’s the difficulty with making the lock slider work properly? It still seems to have some quirks.

28 10 2009

Considering that there are different coded N97 for the different region in the world, let me first provide my location, which is New York, USA.
My question is, Is VOIP (Net Setting) available anywhere else besides USA? if so are there any plans to release that in USA? If it is supposed to be alreadly available then how do I configure VOIP setting in v2.0?

29 10 2009
Sacha C. Saint-Cyr

When the phone was initially released the phone lacked French predictive text. After installing firmware 2.0, the French predictive text was installed. Why was the N97 not fully equipped with all the standard languages just as it’s predecessors? Why was no information provided as to language installation?

Smartphones like the iPhone, phones running Microsoft Mobile, & Android all thread their sms. Moreover, the multimedia functions, hyperlinks, also get threaded in the contact with specified contacts. Why was this functionality omitted from the N97?

Perhaps, the reason why I purchased, and many other Nokia followers purchased the N97, was for the functionalities that the N900 is providing. However, N97 users have been deprived of such features. Why would a N97 user purchase the N900 after such deprivation?

The N97 lags dramatically. Why is the processor so slow? Why hasn’t Nokia stabilized the firmware in anticipation of users downloading several applications?

Why is the OVI store lagging behind so greatly to newcomers to the phone industry such as the iPhone & Android based phones?

Why doesn’t the N97 off capitalization?

Why doesn’t the phone offer more RAM?

Why doesn’t the phone offer more pages for widget capabilities?

Why does Nokia charge nearly $1000 for their phones & yet charged for a subscription for it Maps app? Why does the Map app not offer a street intersection feature?

29 10 2009
Sacha C. Saint-Cyr

Why wasn’t the TV function added to the N97 just as it was to the N96?

29 10 2009
Sacha C. Saint-Cyr

The facebook application seems to lack mandatory functions such as being able to delete comments and messages. Why has this feature been added?

29 10 2009
Sacha C. Saint-Cyr

Why does the N95 & the N96 offer video feed contents yet the N97 lacks any?

29 10 2009
Michele Dabergami

How about RAM and phone memory?
Why with only browser opened and jbak taskman, 17M RAM and 23 on C:?
Why browser caching isn’t on mass memory?
Why do we already need a phone memory separated from mass memory?
Why unistalling the apps doesn’t clean everything they put on C:?
And finally… Why in the world did you put in this 600€ phone 128MB?
We all hate you for this..

29 10 2009

Since it will be a N97-V2.0 QA session this might not be appropriate but you may ask them if they are going to apply this kind of changes to 5800 firmware, i mean kinetic scrolling, better home screen, ram usage optimisation and ect.

29 10 2009

Just a list of the questions we’ve been getting via the nokiAAddict twitter account so far:

@PaulKruger_: @nokiAAddict Before fw2 apps shipped as part of the ROM could only update to c: – Quickoffice, NM, etc. Has this restriction been lifted?

@pablopoo: @nokiAAddict Question to fw developers: why dont have a beta firmware program with end users feedback? (on production devices)

@stephenwing: @nokiAAddict How come most people are finding a hard reset is needed with the new firmware despite the device having UDP?

@JoeClay16: @nokiAAddict Errrr, yeah, when will it be available for download for me (UK, N97 user), and is this defo the final Firmware release?

@Daclaus: @nokiAAddict N97 Qs: will photo app once ONLY show images from certain folder? Same for the player, I’m sick of ringtones in playr.

@jjklee: @nokiAAddict Pls, ask why they are unable to show non tradional characters in US FW? It leaves user no option than to change regioncode(HK).

@dani2xll: @nokiAAddict n97 firmware, why give n900 virtual qwerty and not n97? when I am rolling around on bus I need virtual for one hand use

@nii_teiko: @nokiAAddict how is Ovi Contacts going to be expanded and when? more services added or mash ups with other Ovi bits…Ovi Files etc?

@nii_teiko: @nokiAAddict is there any chance of N-Gage, Ovi Contacts and Maps being embedded in the firmware and therefore saving space?

@nii_teiko: @nokiAAddict is the official Skype app coming and if so will it only be available for unlocked phones?

@nii_teiko: @nokiAAddict because of all the fields in Contacts (Google, Skype, Facebook) is there any possibility of a online Address book coming soon?

29 10 2009

When will we see UPnP/DLNA, Internet Radio & Skype?

30 10 2009

There was a lot of buzz around Skype when the N97 was launched. Than it was announced for the version 2. When will it be finnaly included in the FW?

2 11 2009

Why it is delayed to release in UAE (V.20)? We all eagerly waiting for it.

2 11 2009

For v20, it seems that fixes were done finally, and a little more speedy this time. But I still can’t stand that the phone memory is still too small for Ovi apps and Ovi store. It’s the apps download era but I can’t imagine Nokia is not too generous for giving us a larger phone memory (which has speedier access) than the equipped mass storage.

Off-topic(regarding the hardware):
Why does the N97 still have some hardware issues like scratching sound from vibration? Is it because of the slider? This is annoying because 5800 and 5530 have good vibra feeling to the hands.
I don’t know but the rim of N97’s keyboard (The metal-coated plastic) that surrounds the keyboard) chips off gradually. The casing looks horrible this time. I don’t know if this is replaceable.

4 11 2009

N97 is my very first Nokia Phone. My questions
1) No HTML Exchange emails??? cant believe that would be hard to implement
2) Cannot open DRM protected emails ?????
3) Customizable Calendar widget to show a few future appointments/meetings please.
4)Non slippery outcover design would help.
If they cannot provide top 3 functions i might have to switch back to windows phones.

4 11 2009

Why i can’t update firmware from Version 12.0.026 to the last version 12
My code number for N97 0586296

9 11 2009

hye, just want to share with all of the N97 users in this world…

since N97 be one of my powerful & brutally expensive device, there are many people still unsatisfied with this device although Nokia lauch a new firmware for this device. maybe, i can guarantee that people still not satisfied of this gadget although Nokia launch a new update than V20. the main issue that make people become unsatisfied not just from its unstable@bugger firmware, BUT its inside component…

can’t nokia do something that can upgrade this component for this device as example upgrade its ram from 128 to 256. change its processor…or another way is to change the main board for this device. i’m sure there will a way for nokia to upgrade this device free for its customer. don’t just focus on its firmware but think about its firmware…

if nokia can do this upgrade. i’m guarantee that unhappier customer will cheer up again with Nokia & make nokia the first choice for them…now & forever…

anyone that have an idea to share…c’mon share it together.

anyway i’m still happy with my phone. thanx for ur time to read this post. tq again.

here some vid to watch…sincerely comment from the user..


9 11 2009

who with me??? who will support my comment…and bring this comment to Nokia…

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