Waiting on the N900

29 10 2009

phone-imgI just couldn’t wait and have pre-ordered a N900 for my own personal use.

I just know its going to be the power device I want. I know some apps aren’t available for it yet or some apps aren’t as good as my existing ones on my E71 or 5800XM (No Gravity yet on N900), but the buzz and community involvement in Maemo at the moment is just astonishing and I can only see it getting better and better week after week.

Now all I have to do is wait and see if my device is delivered on the 16th November as promised my MobilePhonesDirect.co.uk

In the last week I’ve heard the N900 is coming on the 16th, the 9th and today heard the 2nd. I can’t wait to get my N900 and pimp it gerrymoth style 🙂

I’m getting the N900 on 12 months contract with T-Mobile UK
500mins, 375 text and Unlimited Mobile Web (Fair usage 1GB)
£40.99 one off payment, then 12 months of £39.15




5 responses

29 10 2009
Rachid B

T-Mobile no longer offers the N900 as part of their deals on MPD!! Did you pre-order their last phone??? 🙂

29 10 2009

Think I must have been 😀

I tweeted about the deal last week and this is me just getting round to blog about it.

29 10 2009
Rachid B

How much was the phone? For a 12-month contract it must have cost you a few bobs even if it was an upgrade…

29 10 2009
Matt Lenski

Yeah I have an E71 currently and before that a N95. I usually wait for reviews to come out before buying a new device but I am taking the chance and preordering this one. I think it will be more polished than the N97 based on previews of the N900.

5 11 2009

love ur blog.. just what I need. Kepp up the good work.. ^^

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