Opera Mobile 10 Beta: I am NOT Legend

3 11 2009

I nearly choked on my coffee this morning when I was reading twitter in Gravity and noticed a tweet for @fonearena which stated Download Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Nokia and Symbian.

What! This can’t be true, the legend, the myth, the holy grail update to Opera Mobile we have been waiting for for 2-3yrs can’t be true, it just can’t be true!

Well it bloody is!

Welcome one and all to Opera Mobile 10 Beta


Like its little cousin Opera Mini 5 Beta the Opera Mobile 10 Beta doesn’t have Opera Link yet, but what we do have is a faster browser, better graphical images, opera turbo, Fullscreen Mode, its own dedicated download function and copy text and paste outside opera browser.

Copy text in the Opera Mobile 10 Beta browser and paste into Gravity, Text Message, Email, you name it.

Download the extremely large 4.3MB file for Opera Mobile 10 Beta from

Opera Mobile 10 BETA Tutorial Guide CLICK HERE

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13 responses

3 11 2009

Thank you 🙂

3 11 2009

I had the same “Whaaaat?” feeling when I saw your tweets :).
Downloaded and installed on my E71 and it is a beauty. Really fast. Already uninstalled Mini 5.

The only thing that still annoys me is the fact that I have to disable inline editing to copy-paste links.


3 11 2009

Looks really nice, but try to type a “-” on a E71…doesn’t work => fail.

A lot of other keys are not accessable too, so the first beta doesn’t really overwhelm me 😉

But: Started really fast, has a nice UI and a good site rendering.

3 11 2009

‘-‘ can be found using the FN + K

Turn off ‘In-Line editing’ in setting and use the native text pad for everything.

3 11 2009

No worries, i’ve used the E71 for a while 😉 I know where i can find the “-” 😉 But thanks.

The inline-editing was the error, now it works. Thanks 😉 Not really obvious…

3 11 2009

Another not really obvious is how to paste into the url bar. Worked out its a simple hold the OK key on the keypad down for a while 🙂

3 11 2009

is it just me or is there no support for RSS feeds?
besides that it works very well so far.

4 11 2009

@ sign doesn’t work either inline on a E71 (in fact, that’s most annoying….)

What’s the difference to Opera Mini? Only difference I see right now is much worse font rendering in Opera 10 Mobile…

4 11 2009

The difference is that previous Opera Mini versions were Java apps, whereas Opera 10 Mini is a native Symbian app. The Java versions (of any app, really) have a tendency to be slower than their native counterpart on most Symbian platforms

4 11 2009

Opera 10 mobile still the mort important feature imho : the font size parameter. Everything is way too big with opera 10 mobile, and the zoom option is crappy…

18 11 2009

AT&T Tilt 2 ..win mobile 6.5

Screen font to small even at 200% zoom…how to make it bigger?

18 11 2009

found it…

opera:config with browser

“quick find ” “font”

under “user Prefs”

change “minimum font size” …changed mine to 12

3 12 2009

woh to change font??

i just get square font…

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