MISSING: Please Help Us Find Nokia Podcasting

4 11 2009

milkcarton_nokiapodcastingPlease can you help us find Nokia Podcasting, it was last seen near the N95, E71, N96, N97, N86, 5530XM and 5800XM, but seems to have gone missing on the E52, E55 and E72.

Nokia Podcasting is getting on in years, but is still a much loved member of the family and is sorely missed by everyone.

If you find Nokia Podcasting can you please return to us ASAP, a reward of a firmware update will be supplied if found.

co Finland




10 responses

4 11 2009

Music Player on the E52, E55 and E72 is really missing Nokia Podcasting and has refused to play any podcasts whatsoever. Even transfering podcasts over from the PC, the Music Player refuses to even acknowledge them.

4 11 2009

Hear hear!

4 11 2009

Why don’t they just update the podcasting app altogether, its dated, hard to find some of the newer podcasts… majority of the video podcasts won’t even playback (maybe add more codecs to all phones) and it looks really dull.

4 11 2009

Yes the existing Nokia Podcasting app on my E71 is dated and could be improved, but it works and downloads podcasts and the music player can see these as podcasts and plays them fine.

The E52, E55 and E72 can do jack!

5 11 2009

Is there an alternative podcasting app for S60?
There must be something out there, as there is always an app for everything in S60!?

5 11 2009

If there as a free alternative on S60v3 FP2 for Nokia Podcasting I’d be blogging about it. I could use the $29.99 Kinoma Play, but don’t think you’d all like that?

The fact the music player on the E52, E55 and E72 refuses to even recognise podcasts is a bloody disgrace from NOKIA.

Wake up guys and WTF you playing at? Business people even listen to business podcasts?

6 11 2009


I’m using AudioBay to subscribe to and download podcasts on my E52. You can play back the podcasts from within AudioBay too, but when I try this I’m unable to adjust the volume.

A workaround to this is to simply launch the downloaded podcast using the file manager (the downloads are saved in the AudioBay folder of the memory card) which opens it in RealPlayer.

Not the most elegant solution but it’s pretty straightforward and will do the job until Nokia sort themselves out.

NB. AudioBay is widely available on the Internet, but if you have an error when installing, set your phone’s calendar back to 2006 and try again. Once the app’s on your phone, just return the calendar back to the current date and all should be hunky dory.

13 11 2009

I found escarpod the other day.

It is in alpha though.

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