The N97 Returns

11 11 2009

Just got confirmation from Nokia PR the Nokia N97 will be getting delivered tomorrow morning for gerrymoth to test out the new Firmware v20.

Lets see if the device has improve significantly since gerrymoth last reviewed the device prior to its UK launch?

Any questions or requests you have reply to this post or email or tweet on twitter.

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5 responses

11 11 2009

Look forward to reading it. I didn’t have the chance to test the new firmware yet.
Did you find any issue with the camera, and would you test if it has been improved?

11 11 2009

What was the matter with the camera on the N97? Never had any problems with it previously

12 11 2009

When using the flash all the left side has an ugly white halo.
See the photos I posted here on my Italian review:

13 11 2009

That’s because your lens is scratched. Take it to a Nokia Service Center and they’ll replace it for free. It’s covered by warranty.

12 11 2009

camera previous photo quality not as ggood as n95.

i’m using firmware 2 asian version now.

Improvement so far
1. More snappy respond.
2. More phone memory
3. ram seems to be about the same

app icon loading speed effected by app size and number of them
Also dont thiink the photo have improve much.

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