Bye Bye Symbian (on the N-Series at least)

18 11 2009

So last night was the ‘N900 Meet Up’ hosted by Nokia and WOM World. where the great and geek of the Nokia and Maemo world came together to have a play with the N900. We had a quick product demo, and then two developers talk about developing on the N900 / Maemo platform.

The most interesting thing to transpire last night was than Ben Smith (TRMP) and I were told by Tanja Sauvola from the Maemo Marketing Team that Symbian would no longer be the operating system used on Nokia N Series phones by 2012. It would be replaced by Maemo. Symbian would (for now) still have a place in the X and E series phones, but the high end N Series would be powered by Maemo. We were also told the the N900 was aimed at developers / enthusiasts rather than ‘the man in the street’. After the platform has matured slightly (and I would guess there are more apps!) it would become more ‘mainstream’. I suppose this is similar to the way S60 has evolved. Also interesting to hear is than the Ovi Store for Maemo would be running after a software update in ‘a few weeks’.

I must say the N900 really is an impressive phone, I’m genuinely excited by it, which is something Nokia have failed to really do to me recently. Big thanks to Nokia and WOM World for inviting us to the event last night. Also thanks to Ben Smith for squeezing the info out of Tanja – his report on it is here . Gerry is getting his hands on his own N900 soon, and hopefully i’ll blag one of my own too 🙂




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