30 Reasons I Still Love Symbian

25 11 2009

For weeks/months Symbian and Nokia have been taking a bashing for their so called outdated S60 platform, well the gerrymoth and nokiAAddict still Love Symbian and here are 30 reasons why in no particular order:

1. BBC iPlayer
2. Spotify
3. Coreplayer
4. Mobbler
5. MeCanto
6. ImageExchange
7. Nokia Maps
8. Google Maps
9. Nimbuzz
10. Nokia Sportstracker
11. SymTorrent
12. X-plore
13. Mail For Exchange
14. Wordmobi
15. Kinoma Play
16. Profimail
17. Vlingo
18. Gravity
19. Kylom Projekt
20. QIK
21. KillerMobile TotalRecall
22. Opera Mobile/Mini
23. Skyfire
24. Sky Mobile
25. ShazamID
26. Free-iSMS
27. cCalPro
28. Handy Taskman
29. Handy Weather
30. Calendar

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9 responses

25 11 2009
Matt Jones

How about you do a ‘reasons why you love Symbian itself’, rather than ’30 apps that you love on Symbian’? Realistically each one of them has a direct equivalent on other platforms.

25 11 2009

I love symbian because I CAN run all these apps, other platforms may have equivalents, but can they run more than one at a time and can they work as fast as they do on Symbian?

When I review phones I’m always looking to see if they are better than my Nokia E71. The E71 has been the best device I’ve had/used and I still haven’t tested another device which can beat it for productivity.

A mobile phone is all about apps, without them they are just devices for making calls and texting 😀

25 11 2009
Matt Jones

Ah yes the E71. Work of art that thing. You picking up an E72?

25 11 2009

It was a toss up between the E72 and N900, ended up going for the N900 as its something different and new. The E71 will remain my business phone

27 11 2009

is your phone hacked?? some of the apps are unsigned ones. how did u install. wht r disadvantages of hacking phone. I have a mac. how can i hack my phone ??

27 11 2009

To sign unsigned apps you can hack ur phone using helloOS or u can get a FREE developers certificate using guidelines on http://themoth.wordpress.com

4 12 2009

Any suggestion for eBOOK reader? I am using ZXreader but still waiting for Qreader(not updated yet from qreader.com) toward Symbian v5.

27 12 2009

its just only few reasons i have for carying N86 in my pocket, its a solid metal case (that i love most) 8MP/AF camera phone..
well, open your eyes and ears, you have thousand reasons to love apple iphone anyway.. :p
i learn not tobe fanatic to a brand, i choose tobe fanatic to the technology on it.. happy new year and have a nice holiday everyone!

20 02 2010

hey. i have an e71, it has camera problems. it says “feature not supported” everytime i open the camera. any suggestions on how to fix this?

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