FIRMWARE UPDATE: Nokia E71 v400.21.013

27 11 2009

The E71 got a surprise firmware update today from v300.21.012 to v400.21.013.

Changelog provided by AAS:

E71 firmware 400.21.013 v6 Euro

* Gimlet v9.5 (v9.5.3.72)
* Quick Office 5.3
* Ovi Store 1.5 (v1.5.2)
* Ovi Contacts – Preinstalled
* Mail for Exchange 2.9.176

* Email Setup Wizard update
* WLAN Corrections
* Internet Radio v1.16 – Increased functionality
* Camera functionality improvement
* Incoming call hang issue fixed
* Turkish SMS character input improvement
* Many functionality and Stability improvements in MfE
* Support for Russian and Ukranian keymats
* Phone activation Baseline updated
* Yahoo account hack fixed

* Stability and functionality improvements
* Email and WLAN functionality improvements
* Increased robustness in handling SMS and incoming calls
* Memory leak fixes and crashes
* Email and WLAN functionality improvements

* Fix for Incoming call hang issue and fast call crash
* Fix for making emergency call when the phone is locked

*Minor Functionality improvements
*Time display correction when the phone is locked

*WLAN functionality Improvements and fixes for crashes
*Improvement in WLAN authentication
*mVPN authentication improvements and general functionality improvement

*Functionality improvements for search functionality

*Email setup wizard updated
*Fix for Yahoo account hack while setting up Gmail account through Nokia Email
*Fix for mails getting duplicated after restoring backup
*Mail for Exchange upgraded from 2.9.158 to 2.9.176
*Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE
*Robustness and functionality improvements in email items.

*Improved functionality
*Increased application stability

*Usability improvements
*Keyboard mapping corrections for Russian and Ukranian keymat

*Improvement in Turkish SMS characters input
*Fix for delivery report for SMS with more than 22 characters
*Increased robustness in handling SMS




36 responses

27 11 2009

Is it hackable? That is the question 🙂

27 11 2009

YES still hackable with HelloOX v2.03 and FW v400.21.013

27 11 2009

wonder when we’ll get a NAM version and i’ll be able to use in brazil :b
still using version 200.21.118 – is it worth updating to this 400?

27 11 2009

Haven’t upgraded to v400 yet, still enjoying v300 and can’t be bothered having to setup the phone again 🙂

30 11 2009

Well, I did not plan for it but I thought what the hack it is weekend so did the update and although I so not seem to use lot of the new functionality the update and the phone are working like a charm.

27 11 2009
Nokia E71 firmware v400.21.013 available | Flash Lite 4 Nokia

[…] Nokia Addictid, the Nokia E71 firmware v400.21.013 is now […]

27 11 2009
The Nokia E71 gets a firmware update to version 400.21.013 | ZOMG its Cj

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27 11 2009
28 11 2009
28 11 2009
28 11 2009

Just finished setting up my phone back. 15 minutes update and 3 hour setting up the damn thing. But it’s well worth it, I feel those improvements they said especially in call handling and general feel.

29 11 2009

I am shocked there is a new update, I am here in the USA and still have v200 working on my phone. We haven’t gotten v300 and now there is v400. I need to update mine to v400. does anyone have an idea how I can do it?

30 11 2009

Did the update yesterday. Besides for a few missing apps the backup->upgrade->restore process worked surprisingly well…

1 12 2009
long time fan

I wonder when they are going to make the fm radio player have the ability to play straight to speakers without having the headset pluged in and then have the option.

(I stil have not upgraded yet to find out, Will do so in weekend, but won’t be supprised if that option is still not available)

2 12 2009

The FM Radio on the E71 needs the headset plugged in as this is the aerial to allow you to tune into stations

1 12 2009

Phone is faster. Ovi Store does not work. Error Message I get is Store :feature not supported. Facebook app from the Ovi Store site does not install since Error MEssage I get says “Your Phone N95 8 GB is not supported”

More Updates as I use the phone.

3 12 2009
Will Russell

Hi gerrymoth. I upgraded my firmware to version 400 and restored my backup as usual. I now have a bit of a problem. If I try to go into ‘modes’ within the tools menu, the phone resets. I’ve never experienced this before and it’s quite a crucial bit of the phone as controls my on screen shortcuts and email notifications. I tried a different restore, both times without restoring phone settings to no avail. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

3 12 2009

I’ve never trusted the phone backup on any of my Nokia’s. I always sync and install everything

4 12 2009

Wow, so many duplicates… It’s seems as if they wanted to beef up the changes list!

Well, i’m still stuck with ver. 200 (although i can update to 210).

4 12 2009

I always change my product code to get the latest firmware. Checkout

5 12 2009

Yeah, i know it’s possible, but i need hebrew support and i don’t think it will be installed that way.

It’s all up to the local Orange company to make up a localized version.
They have skipped ver.300, hope they will make it for ver. 400 in time…

8 02 2010

Hey Elad,

Another Hebrew talker here… Should we change the product code, are you sure we will lose hebrew support?

I’m going nutz with this version… I can’t wait changing it….

5 12 2009
Greg Hudson

I just installed the E71 ver 4 update (via OVI Suite), and now find all my phone settings have been deleted. Suite SAID it was creating a backup, however it doesn’t seem to have done ‘everything’ just selected OVI Suite stuff (which is useless, because all that was already synced).

Can anyone tell me how to RESTORE the ‘missing’ stuff (like Notes, Phone Settings, Ringtone) etc etc please ?

Thanks, Greg.

11 12 2009
Chris Davidson

Hi all,

I’m in the same position as Greg Hudson: upgraded my E71 to version with the new fancy-looking ovi suite software. I backed-up and restored as part of the process but now none of my settings or self-installed software are there; the language is wrong, the internet access points list misses a few items and a bunch of apps aren’t there.

I’ve upgraded the firmware 4 times previously and the backup-restore process brought everything back – settings, apps, everything.

Most annoyingly, I can’t work out how in ovi suite to re-restore the backup it (hopefully) took before the upgrade!

Can anyone help?


12 12 2009

Hi, has anyone encountered after the upgrade that their HOME button does not work?

12 12 2009

In all my previous firmware updates on Nokia E71, as well as E51, my calendar entries were never restored properly.

Any idea if this issue has been fixed here? I cannot afford to lose my Calendar appointments, anniversaries and memos!

14 12 2009

For those who have upgraded, does the new MFE (Mail for Exchange) now include support for subfolders?

7 01 2010

Just updated the updater, backed up, updated firmware to v400. All smooth except the Gravity app didn’t reinstall. Otherwise, sweet.

7 01 2010

go into App Mgr and Settings on the E71 and make sure the Installed applications is set to ALL

18 01 2010

Hi guys. I recently updated to the V300 and i love it but should I update to v400? Also is it available in the UK?

26 01 2010

Just upgraded my E71 Firmware and it all went thru good apart from the fact I cant’t access my phonebook. Tried re-installing the firmware but nuffin please help if anyone can

28 01 2010

Shitty update… Removed Ovi from Main Menu & restored old Download function which allows me to… download new Ovi, which is already installed in Installations folder… FCUK! I lost my calendar entries, apps & themes. I’ve never had so crappy upgrade before. I was Nokia fan for a years but this time it’s going too far.

26 02 2010

AussieM8, MFE 3.0 is now available in abd it supports subfolders. Cheers

26 02 2010

AussieM8, MFE 3.0 is now available in and it supports subfolders. Cheers

4 03 2010

Thanks for letting me know MSK. I’ll download now 🙂

14 03 2010

I’ve been on v400 for a month now . Overall the phone does consume more battery now .

actually the battery life is improved for calls and sms – I now get 7-8 days instead of 6 on a light week with a few calls and messages.

But the GPS and the WIFI consume much more battery than before – with v300 I used to get 5 days with some GPS and WIFI , now same usage gets me 4 or even 3 which is just not nice . The GPS seems slightly better but nothing major , it was alright , and i cant find anything new with the WIFI connection , it was good and still is , and the weaker signals are still not picked..

I can’t feel any speed improvements except for the boot time , and the GSM signal is actually a bit worse , and the only issue i found annoying is still there (the phone freezes for 10+ seconds when canceling a call before the other end answers) . I never noticed any other real bugs with v300.

I feel the legendary battery life is now gone – If you have a really strong signal around and you’re looking to somehow improve your GPS signal if its too weak to be usable , then you should upgrade.

I would’ve stayed on v300 for general use knowing this , be wise .

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