Opera Mini 5 ROCKS, but Opera Mobile 10 still SUCKS

2 12 2009

Just downloaded and installed the NEW Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 and Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 onto my Nokia E71.

The NEW Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 brings Download, Opera Link and many improvements, one significant one being the amount of RAM used by Opera Mini 5 while in use, its only a few MB. The same can’t be said for its RAM hungry big brother Opera Mobile 10 which is still eating RAM for breakfast.

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 includes the Opera Link and improvement which I haven’t found yet?

I’ve tested the new Downloads and Opera Link on Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 and they work great. Opera have got a great little web browser in Opera Mini, if only we could play video in the browser and be able to set Opera Mini as our default browser on the E71.

Download both and see for yourself, but I’m ROCKING with Opera Mini 5 🙂

Opera Mini 5 http://mini.opera.com/next

Opera Mobile 10 http://www.opera.com/mobile/next




9 responses

2 12 2009

Link is in the settings, as is Turbo, works great.

Imho; Mobile > Mini.

Too bad about the video, should be done like Skyfire.

2 12 2009

For me personally Opera Mini 5 and its low RAM usage suits me as I allows have a number of apps open at the same time and I can now just leave Opera Mini open constantly

2 12 2009

where did the feeds go?
checked booth and couldn’t find them…
did i miss something?

2 12 2009

I get an “Installation not possible” on a Nokia E71 even after removing the old Opera Mini 5 before…??

2 12 2009

Can’t understand why?

Download the files directly from


2 12 2009

What is Opera Link exactly?

3 12 2009

With Opera Link you can sync your Mobile bookmarks with your Opera browser on the PC

2 12 2009

any feeds management in any of the two ?


3 12 2009

No Feed management yet in either of the browsers, hopefully in beta 3 🙂

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