What’s in the Box? – Its a E72

7 12 2009

that's the reason i love nokia.jpg

WOMWorld/Nokia ask me to take part in a Challenge a few weeks ago and I agreed, last week I got an email saying they would be sending me a box and I had one part of a clue that I needed to work with my team mates to crack the code from the clues supplied in the posters which came with the boxes.

The team members:
Gerrymoth http://twitter.com/gerrymoth
Clue: I was given street cred by a world leader.
Tam Hanna http://twitter.com/tamhanna
Clue: I am an urban dwelling professional.
Stefanos Kofopoulos http://twitter.com/titanas
Clue: I came with a price tag of the equivalent of over 4,000EUR
Ibrahim Jogee http://twitter.com/TheNokiaReview
Clue: I’ll fit in perfectly on Wall Street.

Once the code was cracked it would open the box. Unfortunately DHL had other ideas and cracked three of the boxes literately, they arrived with the glass box smashed, so no need for the code breaking 😀

One box remained and I thought I had cracked the cryptic code of 1987 http://www.nokia.com/about-nokia/company/story-of-nokia/the-move-to-mobile/mobira-cityman but the last remaining team mate @titanas said the code was wrong. I quickly checked with WOMWorld/Nokia and the code was correct, so @titanas has a hammer in his hand ready to unbox http://tiny12.tv/DNPCE

It is amazing that 4 unknown people from around the world can quickly email and twitter each other to communicate and solve a puzzle 😀

So I have a Nokia E72 at home to play with. How will it shape up to its older brother the E71, only one thing for it!

FIGHT! E71 v E72




4 responses

7 12 2009

Clues are all about Nokia Mobira Cityman huh 🙂

7 12 2009

Google Search was a friend 😀

10 12 2009

What’s so special about the E72 qwerty????

13 12 2009

I think the first phone from Nokia to have the Blackberry style Optical trackpad, 600MHz ARM 11 processor, more memory than the E71, 5meg cam.. and bit more 😉

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