Install DEB files on the N900 – Take the RED PILL

17 12 2009

By default you can’t install DEB files directly on the N900, to do this you need to switch to RED PILL mode (remember The Matrix film you had the choice to take the RED PILL or the BLUE PILL).

To enable RED PILL you need to goto Application Manager and create a NEW application catalogue and in the web address type ‘matrix’.

You then just click off the menu and you are given to choice to choose the RED or BLUE PILL.

Select the RED PILL and when you select the bar again at the top of the Application Manager you will see an option to Install From File 🙂

Once the application is installed remember to repeat the process above return to the BLUE PILL.

WARNING: Taking the RED PILL and installing DEB files are for experienced users only.




5 responses

17 12 2009

Please remove this post. Users will get into trouble by doing this. Just tell them about extras-testing. That will be fun enough and actually helps everybody involved.

20 12 2009

Remove this post. Power users does’n need it and n00b users will be into trouble…

8 02 2010

I think a simple warning is sufficient! Removing information per se (not to speak of interesting or even helpful information) is the wrong way to go.
Removing information is a form of cencorship and should be avoided!

15 02 2010
Here’s the thing about mobiles… | Open attitude.

[…] likely that you already know all about Nokia’s N900 (above), with it’s ability to install standard Debian packages from the command line. Or maybe it’s the Motorola DROID that gets your heart racing, with the prospect of hacking […]

21 03 2010
Easy (and amazing) Debian for the N900. | Open attitude.

[…] had read previously about installing .deb files using something called “red pill mode“; this is no longer possible, but in its place is a fantastic app called Easy Debian which […]

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