Nokia N97: gerrymoth’s Final Thoughts

22 12 2009

Okay I’ve had the N97 back for about a month now and been using the newer v20 Firmware and I just have to say…….

Mmmm how can I put this?…….

The N97 is a… “no can’t say that, keep it clean”….

Yeah! The N97 is a dog, NO NO NO that mantel goes to the N96.

The N97 is depressing.

Yes that will do, the N97 is depressing. Why is it despressing? Its depressing because it could and should have been a winner for Nokia, but it just hammered the nail home in its coffin for all those vultures waiting to lambast them.

I love the form factor of the N97, I love the tilt hinged big screen (think this should win an award for design), I love the 5MP camera, I love the GPS & OVI Maps, I love the touch screen and keyboard combo, BUT, and this is what kills the N97, I FECKIN HATE applications closing on me in the background, low memory messages, screen freezes, watching how much internal memory I have left and general slowness of the ill equiped internal RAM and processor of the device. 

Even with this so called major firmware upgrade to improve the situation, it just doesn’t go far enough for a user like myself.

Just this week we saw a memory app update in the SW UPDATE to move internal memory to the mass memory, tweaks here and there will not make this the powerhouse device, sorry FLAGSHIP Device Nokia advertised the N97 (and its dog brother N96) as.

I have a Nokia N900 and also a Nokia E72 device in da house at the moment and comparing the N97 to these superb devices you just realise what a cockup Nokia have made of the N97.

Is it limitations in the hardware, is it poorly written firmware, is it poorly designed, was it cost cutting or was it rushed out to early? Whatever it was Nokia have lost my faith and nearly every N97 owner I know in the N97.

Nokia are not stupid, they must have known at launch this device had major flaws and still has and still will, so to meet a device launch target date or whatever reason they had to release this flawed device they have tarnished their name with this monster. I believe all the bad press Nokia have had over the last year started with the N96 and was only reinforced with the N97.

Nokia you have no excuse, don’t release products if you know they are crap and use the paying general public as your beta testers to improve your product for the next device.

I would not recommend the N97 to anyone.




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22 12 2009

I have left Nokia a long time ago after buying one rubbish phone after the other. Mind you, I have almost a decades of experience in mobile phones and I know what I am buying.
But when it comes to Nokia, you get all the same wine in a new bottle. The same memory, software bugs are taken from previous phones and inserted in the new flagship phones.

Then it takes Nokia forever to fix them. You download a 200mb firmware thinking it will solve your problem but all u get is more bugs.

I’m sick of this. Lens cover scratching the lens, low RAM, no apps, features pulled from phone just to put them in another phone and force you to buy more rubbish Nokia junk.

I have gladly moved to iPhone. I never loved Macs but when it comes to iPhone , none can compare to it. It’s extremely stable with lots m lots of apps and excellent support from Apple.

I am glad that I didn’t buy a N97 as I was waiting for the mini N97. But when it was priced more than the original N97, I knew Nokia was not for me anymore.

The future is for Android and iPhone. Nokia should be dead now.

22 12 2009

no phone is perfect

the iphone i hate as i love to multitask and i currently have a ACER Liquid android phone which i like but the touch on it is terrible.

i’m posting this comment using the Nokia N900 which I love for the web browser and integrated contacts, sms and IM, but lacks in other places, my next blog post hopefully.

the old saying you get what you pay for didn’t apply to the N96 and N97 which is why I’m really annoyed at this expensive flops.

22 12 2009

1. iPhone has got lots of apps: they are no way more than symbian, if you knwo what symbian means. 2.Old wine in new bottle: the iPhone will do that too, wait for it to get that old. 3. low memory: that is not applicable to all models. 4. iPhone/android is the future: now that’s true. yet, as of now nokia is the global market leader, did you say ‘dead’?

22 12 2009

The tears are spring to my eyes, as I an n97 owner have to agree and as a previous n96 owner, I can only concur.

22 12 2009

when i set out to buy another nokia few months back, i was tempted to buy n97. Somehow, sanity prevailed and i got a much cheaper -and better- E71. This post makes me feel better!

(though somehow i’m still stuck with v200)

22 12 2009

I’m not a N97 owner but I understand your disappointment. 5 month ago I’ve bought an E52 for the great battery and noise cancellation feature. damn, battery lasts but noise cancellation is a drama. it’s is an Eseries and the agenda was full of troubles w/ the first fw. The next one will be an android phone. I got tired!

23 12 2009

Low amount of RAM, freezing and apps closing on the background is a major let down for me. Also, there is a probability when bootup and White Screen of dead occurs requiring me to hard reset.

Nokia, I don’t really need a fast phone, just reliable is great enough. N97 can’t beat the stability of old mid-end 5320XM. No crash, no these issues though lower specs.

I still looking forward for my next phone to be Nokia phone if it is more STABLE.

23 12 2009

Maybe they should just keep doing Eseries since those are more successful for their Symbian platform.

I’m also considering an Android, iPhone has fantastic stability but pure basicness.

23 12 2009

I kept defending and defending the N97 in front of friends when I first got it and then when v2 was announced I was sure that the phone will be perfect once I update it… Alas, the phone is horribly slow; i have to wait several seconds for screen transitions; on scrolling, it sometimes feels like it’s buffering! The more apps I download, the slower and more insane it gets… This is coming from a Nokia/Symbian fan who has owned 8 consecutive Nokias, last of which was the outstandingly perfectly stable (and let’s admit powerful) E71…

Nokia should know that a higher percentage of people who would potentially buy an N97 or a phone of the sort are going to be advanced users (a lot of whom have blogs) who expect outstanding performance from such a phone. Shame though with the release of the N97.

Here in Lebanon, and probably in lots of countries around the world, the N97 was released as a pre-ordered exclusive item.. People thought a phone from outer space was going to come… I learnt my lesson and am DEFINITELY not falling for one of those stupid marketing gimicks again…

23 12 2009

Oh and by the way, the writer’s review is SPOT ON… Awesome post…

23 12 2009

Depressing…imo, the best word to summarize it. You’ve great form factor, huge storage, nice screen…and then you take a look at under the hood and compare the software to others and your heart cringes cuz S60 5th ed. sucks so much not even functionality makes up for it. Bleh.

23 12 2009

couldn’t agree more
N97 looks and feels great , promises everything but delivers very little.
sorry but its iphone/android for me in future

2 01 2010

Couldn’t agree more with the original poster. I do not understand how Nokia – in recent two years has managed to become a company that puts out complete rubbish into the markets. Nokia is now being known for buggy phones with faulty hardware, N96 was a nightmare! Device that had 800€ price tag was complete rubbish. Next in line – N97 yet another epic failure! And now .. a lot of users are reporting that the latest model – N900 is having faulty hardware (dead pixels, display keeping noise after two weeks of use when you press it) and beta-quality software at best. Many users are reporting about constant unexpected reboots and bricked devices. It looks like paying customers have become Nokia’s beta-testers and phones are being put out unfinished. I wonder how long can they continue doing this?

6 01 2010

As a previous owner of 7 consecutive high end Nokia mobile phones, this latest release is massively disappointing. My sentiments exactly, OP. Let’s hope future firmware updates change my mind, despite my STILL being stuck on v12 with a phone bought from the Chicago Flagship store itself.

I’m glad I hung onto my N95-1 through my testing, I’m going to have to revert to a phone that works as designed until further notice.

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