nokiAAddict Application of 2009 – GRAVITY

23 12 2009

I’ve been thinking back over the year and I have to say Gravity wins my award for “Symbian Application of 2009”.

I was very luck enough to be in at the very start of the development of this application as a beta tester and I have seen it develop over the year from a simple twitter client to the power app it is now.

Just in case you don’t know Gravity is a native Twitter client for the S60v3 and S60v5 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture and TwitPic, preview pictures from Mobypicture, Twitpic, TwitGoo,, YFrog and, forward tweets via sms and email, post URLs to delicious and Instapaper and audio and visual notifications.

Gravity also has Facebook, which is not as feature rich as twitter, but still allows you to view and post messages and view photos inline from Facebook.

Gravity also recently added Google Reader feature which just put the icing on the cake for me. Everything I need and use to keep up to date with the mobile and web news all in one single application.

Only very recently a new Gravity-Preview version of the application was released with a new improved Dashboard, better Twitter Lists and Search and a few hidden gems like “Important” thrown in by @Janole (Gravity Developer on twitter) to keep this application improving every month, week, day…

@janole is planning to make the Gravity-Preview version 1.30 Build 6232 a release candidate very soon for everyone to enjoy and he’s already looking ahead to improve and bring new features to this already superb application. Planned for next feature updates are a completely new message editor (multiple accounts, adding hashtags, selecting users, adding geolocation, adding pictures/videos/audio from the gallery and geolocation search) and also polishing up the existing Facebook and Google Reader.

What makes Gravity also stand out above all other symbian applications is the overall user interface, @janole has manage to make Gravity work smooth and very very fast and uses every bit of space on the screen to allow you to select all the functions you require fast and efficiently, maybe its just how the Germans work and develop? 😀

Do you use Gravity? What do you think of it? Post a comment and let me know?

Download Gravity (Stable release)
Download Gravity-Alpha (Alpha release and use at owners risk)
Download Gravity-Preview (Preview release and use at owners risk)




7 responses

23 12 2009
Darren McConachie

Without doubt the best Symbian app I’ve used. Miss it a LOT since moving to the N900! 😦

23 12 2009

Gravity is the reason I’ll be keeping a S60 device to run alongside my N900 🙂

23 12 2009
Darren McConachie

Yeah just ordered a GiffGaff SIM to stick in the old E75 for that exact reason! (Well, that and Ovi Maps too until Ovi pull their finger out and get SatNav working properly on the N900!)

23 12 2009

Thet deserve. Gravity IS awesome, I wish they just add:

1. Instant Messenger Support like gtalk and yahoo
2. Browser to fetch full story from google reader feeds
3. Full FB features

These features will make them the center of mobile universe. I’ll be happy running just Gravity + Opera on my mobile.

23 12 2009

I too was there with Gerry right at the beginning with the development of Gravity as a Beta Tester, and its been an absolute joy to work with @janole and his masterpeice what we all know as Gravity. It is by far the best Symbian App to date, and the troublesome N97 owns a lot to Gravity, because without it, the N97 would not have been as popular as it is today.

27 12 2009

Too much updates of Gravity is a bad point.Darren why E75 is old?In April 2010 N900 is old?The wrong ideea of Janole is to put Google Reader in.

27 12 2009

Why would updates be bad? Show me a modern popular app that doesn’t get regular updates.

My referring to the E75 as old was mildly ironic, of course it’s not old, it’s a fine device and only “old” because it’s been ousted by my n900.

As for the GReader support, there was a lot of demand for it. I think so far it’s been implemented very well and its design was the test for the new dashboard dedign as a whole. Personally I don’t use it and as its modular you have that option too but I certainly wouldn’t class its inclusion as a mistake!

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