A look at the Nokia 5800 – Navigation Edition

4 01 2010

The lovely team at Nokia PR have given me a Nokia 5800 – Navigation Edition to play with. So what’s the difference between the vanilla 5800 and the Navigation Edition? Well you get included in the box (amongst the regular stuff) a car charger and a holder for the car – (which uses a suction cup to stick it to the window). The phone itself is different from the regular 5800 as it has a rather nice silver bezel (instead of the regular blue, red, or grey/black). Also the phone has a ‘lifetime’ Ovi Maps licence, slightly deceptive in that it is based on the lifetime of the device (so two years). Still the licence covers ‘Drive Europe’, ‘City Explorer’ and ‘Traffic and Safety Europe’, so you’re pretty much covered for two years!

Using it in the car with the supplied equipment is a good experience; the holder is sturdy and feels quality. It holds the phone tightly, in my opinion a bit too tightly, I’m worried the silver bezel will be scratched away after extended use; hopefully this won’t be the case! Now that Ovi Maps is maturing nicely it will give you (generally) a very satisfactory navigation experience to rival standalone Sat Nav Units. Although personally there is still some work needed on optimising it more for the touch interface.

The phone experience is identical to the regular Nokia 5800 really, included is a ‘Navigation’ theme which gives a black and grey background with a map on it. My version came with the V 31.0.008 firmware, and Ovi Maps v3.01 09w44 b01, which is very stable although I have found the red arrow, struggles to keep up when you’re driving down a motorway at speed.

Really and truly there is no difference between a regular 5800 and the Navigation Edition, it’s all about the bundled goodies. The retail price of the regular 5800 at time of writing is £229, and the Navigation Edition is £254, so really you need to decide if the 2 year licences, car charger and car holder are worth the extra money, I would say yes!




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20 02 2010

I am about to purchase an unlocked Nokia 5800 Xpress Navigation Edition from one of the big U.S. suppliers (about $270 with free shipping).

In one of your blogs, you mentioned that the only difference with the Nav editon is the amount of accessories and subscriptions to ovi maps.

If I am willing to use google mobile maps and skype, could I buy one of the less expensive phones and still have stand-alone gps and voip over wi-fi?

Thanks for any follow-ups.

20 02 2010

Well now Ovi Maps gives you FREE navigation, you might want to reconsider.

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