N900: How to get Last.fm in Vagalume

11 01 2010

I followed these easy steps to get Last.fm working on my N900 via Vagalume:

1. Goto Last.fm to request an API Account http://last.fm/api and take note of your API Key and API Secret Key.

2. Download the LastFM.zip file from nokiAAddict downloads HERE

3. Unzip the LastFM.zip

4. Edit the LastFM.xml and replace the ADDKEYHERE and ADDSECRETKEYHERE with your API Key and API Secret Key.

5. Transfer the edited LastFM.xml file to your N900.

6. Open Vagalume and select Last.fm/Import servers file… and browse to the LastFM.xml file you just transfered.

7. In Vagalume select Last.fm/Preferences and set Service to LastFM.

NOTE: You may need to restart Vagalume?

Enjoy Last.fm on your N900 using Vagalume 🙂




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12 01 2010
Last.fm on the N900 with Vagalume | CasualGenius.com

[…] to get it to work. It’s a quick process and works perfectly. Head over to NokiaAddict for the instructions. January 12th, 2010 by Alex Stansfield in Maemo, Tips Tags: last.fm, music, n900, vagalume 1 […]

12 01 2010
How To: Really Stream Last.FM With Vagalume On N900 | Maemo-Guru.com

[…] but due to restrictions with on mobile phones, is unable to stream music from Last.FM. However, thanks to our friend Gerrymoth, it’s possible to stream Last.FM through Vagalume on the N900 after a small […]

14 01 2010
A week of Nokia firmware updates | UK Gadgeteer Website

[…] Finally, if you want to get the latest version of Vagalume (the Maemo Last.fm / Libre.fm client) streaming Last.fm on your Nokia N900, then nokiAAddict has also written up the information on how to achieve this here. […]

14 01 2010
Rodrigo Marcus

Thanx buddy!! Awesome!!!

6 02 2010

Awesome tip, I am finally enjoying my library again on the go. Keep them coming.

15 02 2010

this is why i bought the N900 thanks keep the top tips coming

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