N900 Game: Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile

12 01 2010

Angry Birds (N900 and iPhone)

The OVI Store launched yesterday on the N900 and I quickly downloaded a few of the available applications and games, but the single one I can’t stop playing is Angry Birds by Rovio. Rovio also developed the N900 demonstration game Bounce Evolution.

Angry Birds is a simple game, throw some birds and destroy the green pigs, not an all action arcade game, but its just one of those games which is just so so addictive.

The FREE version of Angry Birds gives you the first 21 levels of the game and to access the additional 42 levels you need to pay £3.00.

I managed to have a quick chat on twitter with the Angry Birds developer Matthew Wilson via @roviomobile and asked two questions:

Q1. Why the difference in price between the Apple iPhone (£0.59) and Nokia N900 (£3.00) version?
A1. The N900 price is a realistic valuation of the game. Because of the huge supply of iPhone games there’s downward pressure on price.

Q2. What was the easier to develop for, the Apple iPhone or the Nokia N900?
A2. I asked our lead coder he said: Pretty hard to compare, but my personal preference would be N900.

I also noticed on the @roviomobile twitter feed they stated to @thebluenile “expect more to come”. I can’t wait as the two games available (I know one is only a demo, but its some demo) are quality.

Download Angry Birds from OVI Store and enjoy




4 responses

14 01 2010
Kari Runk

iPhone version is better and run faster. Love this game.

17 01 2010

Kari Runk stop trolling. The Angry Birds could not run any better as it runs on N900

20 02 2010

Wow these birds rock

15 03 2010
Jordan Pearson

Sorry, but I have both and it runs about twice as smooth on iPhone. Not trolling, just trying to set the record straight. Love the game on N900 and iphone, but I would definitely go with iphone given the choice.
Love the site!

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