The OVI Daily App – Must Have App of the Year Awards 2009

12 01 2010

Think I missed this during the Christmas break, so Nokia and OVI put together their must have apps of 2009.

Have to say I agree with some of them like Vlingo, Gravity and Nimbuzz (3 featured apps on, but Shazam? (Mobbler for me), WorldMate? (OVI Maps for me), Nokia Photo Browser? (ImageExchange for me on the E71 at least), SPB TV? (Not a great selection of TV Channels for me, much prefer BBC iPlayer in that category) and WTF is MicroPool? (Need to download now and try) 😀

Do you agree with Nokia and OVI on the must have apps for 2009?




5 responses

12 01 2010

Must say I’m in agreemebnt with you on all of your disagreements.

Image exchange for me on my N97 too.

12 01 2010

Once they get the auto rotate working on the s60 5th edition of Image Exchange (and a few other bugs ironed out) then I will be in agreement as well. It totally rocks on 3rd edition though.

MicroPool s60 on the Ovi website says its Free but when I send it to my mobile it says it cost £4.
What the hell!?

12 01 2010

it says its £4.00 in my mobile and via website?

12 01 2010

Strange. This is what I see
Same after I selected the N97 as well…

12 01 2010

Very weird indeed as this is what I see IMAGE

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