Tunewiki for S60v5: Adds Shoutcast Internet Radio

13 01 2010


My poor Nokia 5800XM doesn’t have the Nokia Internet Radio application like the E71 has, but don’t despair as Tunewiki have come to the rescue and supplied Shoutcast Radio in their new Tunewiki application for S60 5th Edition devices (5800XM, 5530XM, N97, N97 Mini).

Shoutcast Radio has thousands of worldwide internet radio channels for you to listen to (Fresh FM and XFM from the Netherlands are my favourites) for every taste, there are channels for rock, pop, indie, trance, dance, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, news, sports, etc..

Tunewiki also plays music you have on your device and displays lyrics for the songs, bit like a mini Karaoke Machine 😀 and it also plays YouTube Music videos.

The version of Tunewiki I have on the ACER Liquid Android phone also does Last.fm Radio, so hopefully Nokia users will get that in an update to the app?

Download HERE




3 responses

13 01 2010
Kevin Neely

Found on the Ovi store and downloading right now to my N97. Thanks for writing about this great-looking app!

18 01 2010

FAILED on my N97. App starts up and I sign in. Main screen appears and it starts “Refresh Library”. After about 10 minutes Tunewiki crashes/is closed and I get a “Memory Full” error message. I do have 8GB of music on my 32GB Mass Memory and this appears to be too much for Tunewiki to work with. I have c.20.5MB free space on my C: drive and no other apps running . My RAM showed as >40MB free.

Like the look of the app. but it’s not going to work.

18 02 2010

It work on my Nokia 5800 XM, using wi-fi or 3G connection.
But when i use wi-fi with proxied internet connection, it cannot play internet radio (shoutcast). But following still work:

1. ads work, it can display ads screen
2. video search and play work fine
3. Blip work fine
4. Radio station work fine
5. Lyrics work fine

Only INTERNET RADIO Streaming does not work.

please help
again: proxied internet
if it is not proxied, it work fine.

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