More N900 Firmware Updates – PR1.1 Released

14 01 2010

Two Firmware updates for the N900 in one week, oh Nokia you will be spoiling us 😀 The N900 gets a major firmware update to v2.2009.51-1 and will be available via OTA, NSU and Maemo Flasher as of 7am on 14/01/2010 in Finland and distributed worldwide throughout the day.

Changelog for the firmware update is here

I wish all Nokia firmware updates followed the Maemo guys method and published exactly what the changes consist of?

The new firmware brings changes from Nokia and from Bug Reports the Maemo Community have raised.

I’ve heard people saying if you’re having problems installing the new firmware to disable Maemo Extra-devel repository and also remove some of the devel apps? Can’t confirm this as I haven’t updated myself, stuck on a 2G T-Mobile area at the moment 😦

New FW Easter Egg: In web browser press CTRL-SHIFT-0 you’ll like it 🙂

UPDATE 15/01/10: I refreshed the Application Manager on my N900 and it had the new FW Update, so when I got home I tried to update OTA, but the update stated I had to update via NSU, so I plugged my UK N900 into my laptop and fired up NSU which told me I had the latest FW already v44?

I checked to see if there was a firmware image available to download and flash to my N900 and noticed they didn’t have a UK firmware image, that’s why NSU didn’t see it. Instead I flashed my N900 using the Global Firmware Image.

Instructions for flashing the N900 can be found HERE
Firmware Images can be downloaded HERE




3 responses

14 01 2010
Felipe Andrade

Can’t get CTRL + SHIFT + 0 working…

14 01 2010

Mark over on got it working and has a video of it?

15 01 2010

n900 seems far more smoother now..seems loads of backend fixes had happened.
i wish they bring protrait mode to all apps.browser protrait looks good but other buttons like forward&bsck not available
any idea whether it is planned?

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