Freoffice for N900 – KOffice Office Viewer

19 01 2010

Nokia have just released Freoffice a KOffice Office Viewer for ODF (ODT and ODP), Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint documents only at the moment.

The MS Word 2003 documents I’ve tried with it don’t show the full page very well and seem to miss half the information on it or put in on multiple pages. Don’t think it likes tables in word documents.

Hopefully we will get more updates to fix and improve this FREE office viewer. We want FREE Office Editor and Viewer????

Freoffice is avalable via ‘Maemo Extras-Devel’ repository.




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19 01 2010
News N900 – Freeoffice (KOffice Office Viewer) in extras-devel! : Maemo Tecnophone

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20 01 2010
6 02 2010

Yep I also use this one, have import all my documents from my laptop and now I have access to all contracts and things without any issues althought I most confess I use ODpyconverter to pdf my whole Document folder.

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