FREE OVI Maps Navigation

21 01 2010

First with the news was Symbian-Guru that the announcement today by Nokia will bring FREE OVI Maps Navigation for selected Nokia devices only? Available for 10 of Nokia’s GPS-equipped devices: the Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E72, Nokia 5230, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6730 classic and Nokia X6.

Noticed no normal Nokia N97, this wont go down well with the already very unhappy N97 users, but I’ve been informed by Nokia Conversations that the N97 is coming soon along with other handsets. Speculation on twitter is its also coming to the N900 (whoop whoop!).

The Nokia Event kicked off at 09:45hrs GMT

Download: FREE OVI Maps Navigation is here

FREE with New OVI Maps:
– Worldwide Maps
– Drive & Walk Navigation
– Traffic Info Updates
– Weather (GPS Enabled)
– Events: Cinema Listings (GPS Enabled)
– Michelin Guides (GPS Enabled)
– Share Location with Facebook
– Favourites Online Syncing
– Speed and Safety Spot Warner

GPS Enabled means it takes your position from GPS and gives local information automatically.




11 responses

21 01 2010
Jon Garside

Got it working on the N97 normal !!! removed nokia maps and ovi maps from app manager and then manual install using nokia suite. I think this is all because of the appalling C memory management of the original N97

21 01 2010

Think there is an optimised version coming for the bog standard or sup standard N97 in a new Firware update v21 on the 28th Jan 2010

21 01 2010

It’s already available for the N97…

Best Regards,

21 01 2010

Hmmm haven’t noticed the difference of the new Nokia Ovi Maps and Nokia Ovi Maps 3.0… the new one downloads maps from the internet, so they are not compatible…

21 01 2010
Colin Meacham

Wonder if we might see it for those of us with the Nokia N-95-8G, that would be nice !! I an just downloading the latest Ovi Maps and will see what happens.So will keep you posted!

22 01 2010

Ovi maps of nokia is going to be really hit worldwide. It is nice to hear that it works off-line.

24 01 2010

I installed it on my N97 from the Ovistore 🙂

Its really.. really.. GOOD 🙂

especially the surfer dude navigation voice lol


24 01 2010

Does anyone know will this work on E71? It says that it works on E72…
If not, will they add E71 to this Ovi Maps?

25 01 2010


Is there any sound in OVI map in n900.

I did use a couple of time but till now I haven’t found any way how to start the sound.

If yes please let me know how to use sound.

Also do I need internet for that all the time or not?

29 01 2010

It actually came out to the N97, but it decides to install itself on the C:.. It takes up 9MB and like another 2MB for a location sharing agent…

WHAT THE H***?!!? I’m let with 2MB of memory and i swear I have nothing but messaging and maps installed on the C: with all the V2 and memory reorganizer updated previously…

14 02 2010
Ahmed Jamal

good to hear that finally nokia has removed it’s inhibitions and stubborness and rolled out ovi maps for free, good job nokia…this gesture will go long way in improving relations with customer……..but still nokia u hav disappointed some of users like me….i am using N 95-8gb and E 71 and free ovi maps is not available for both models……well presently i am using google maps and it works fine on my both handsets but i really also want to use ovi maps on my handset…….come on NOKIA N95-8gb and E71 are ur flagship models atleast u should hav rolled out free ovi maps for them also… hey Gerry will u forward my request to nokia……will wait to hear from u……..

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