The N900 Gets A BIGGER Battery (2400mAh)

9 02 2010

Mugen Power Nokia N900 2400mAh Extended Replacement Battery with Battery door. Special Price of $87.95


This will give you a bigger battery, but means the N900 just got that little bit thicker as well. Mmm not to sure I’d buy?

UPDATE 11/02/10: Mugen-Power are supplying with the NEW 2400mAh battery extender to test out on my N900, so if you want to know what its like then stay tuned at the end of February when they have promised to deliver to me.

Will the additional back casing make a difference?
How long will the battery last with constant use?
Is it worth the additional money?

YES I’ll be answering allthese questions and anything else you want to know before you buy 🙂

via Buy Mugen Power Nokia N900 2400mAh Extended Replacement Battery with Battery door [HLI-N900XL].




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9 02 2010
Mais energia pro N900? « N900

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9 02 2010
9 02 2010
N900 to get extra juice… and extra thickness! | Phone Deluxe

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22 02 2010

High cap gold BL-5J, 1930mAH, I found on ebay, works quite well. it lasted me almost two days of standby with retriveing e-mail every half an hour (2 account), about 10 test messages, 20 pictures, 15 minutes of gps, a few phone calls. original battery won’t last a day with this kind of usage. and it’s only $20 including shipping, you can buy 5 of these instead of a thick battery. this gold battery is made in japan and will n900 is able to read the battery properly (some battery cannot display battery level properly, drop from 100% to 0% suddenly after some usage.

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