Giving Up the Internet for Lent

16 02 2010

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and so starts the 40 days and nights of Lent in the Catholic calendar. As part of Lent you are supposed to give up something, a fast of such, and in past years I have give up Alcohol, sweets and the hardest yet Coffee.

What I have planned to give up this year is the Internet, yes you heard right, I’m planning to unplug from all Social Networks, not look at my Google Reader, turn off Google Buzz and not blog on any of my websites. Can I survive 6 weeks?

I made the decision over the weekend as I realised I spend most of my time checking what’s online rather than looking at what’s offline and right in front of me. I think this will be hard, but hopefully rewarding.


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12 responses

16 02 2010
Alan S>

I hope you’re going to blog daily about your attempt! 🙂

16 02 2010
Jay Montano

I would have to be seriously distracted NOT to go on the internet.

My work is all online, research for Uni, databases etc.
But even if I weren’t doing that I still probably wouldn’t be able to give up being online, and for 6 weeks?! That’s crazy! For a blogger and online personality as yourself too.

That’s kinda like a marathon runner saying, I’m gonna stop using my legs now.

Good luck with it! As you say, might be very rewarding. Could be a good thing in the long run. Although internet helps me get stuff done, it also is a route to much procrastination.

16 02 2010
The Nokia Review

DAMN! That is one brave fast right there. If you start to struggle just tweet me I’ll try and help 😛

Na, I think it will do you good. It would do anyone good just to have that separation for a while, but a month, sheesh, that’s scary man.

Don’t take up smoking in the meantime though, and I wish you the best of luck 🙂

16 02 2010

Thanks for your post.
It is an additional inspiration and encouragement for me to choose something meaningful for Lent to fast on!
Good luck with your fast and don’t be discouraged if you slip here and there.

16 02 2010

I should maybe keep a video diary and edit it after the 6 weeks is up for posting on here? 😀

16 02 2010

One of hardest thing to do for you, i guess. But as you said ‘looking at what’s offline’ is worth to pay attention. Good luck for “the search of offline”.

16 02 2010

hey buddy thts tough call ! ! but i guess no 1 said lifes gonna be easy. so jst put in ur best no matter wht the result is atleast u can be satisfied u tried.

well enough of geek gyan jst make sure u dont get addicted to sumthing else trying to keep away from one.

17 02 2010
Arjun Parsi

All the Best my friend

17 02 2010

WOW! I couldn’t give up the iNet – not even for a couple of weeks :O ( i gave up smoking 2 years ago)

Anyway, i hope you’re having a great time and i’m sure your family will appreciate your offline time 😉 A video diary sounds cool!

22 02 2010
the call me joe

Good luck. I think a lot of people on the net, need to jack out and speak to real people every now and then.

27 02 2010

wondered what happened to you, since there was no tweets from you. So this is the reason huh 🙂

24 03 2010

Go on, you’re almost done!

I’m only giving up sweets and alcohol till easter each year, it’s alway good to see that I don’t really miss them if I don’t have them.

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