NEW: WordPress for Nokia

12 02 2010

Just testing out the NEW WordPress for NOKIA application on my E71.

Its been written in QT and requires you to install the large 11MB QT Libraries File first before installing the WordPress application. Not good news for N97 owners as its recommended you install to phone memory.

With the new application you will be able to add/edit/view Posts and Pages and also manage all your Comments as well.

The apps in BETA at the moment and has a few issues which the WordPress guys are working on.

If you wish to try the very beta app for S60 or Maemo then head over to


SWIM v0.50 for S60v3 FP2 and S60v5

22 12 2009

The Bergamot Project have just released a version of SWIM (Automatic SyncML trigger) for Nokia S60v3 FP2 and S60v5 devices as a nice Christmas Present to everyone.

Checkout the Bergamot Project HERE

Download SWIM for S60v3 FP2 and S60v5
Download SWIM for S60v3 FP1

Via @rcadden on twitter

UPDATE: Spotify for Symbian v3.22(7)

16 12 2009

Spotify for Symbian Version 3.22 (7) has just been updated and fixes the adding songs to existing playlist bug on my 5800XM YIPEE!. There are fixes for a number of other issues  and it also adds support for some new models. 

This release includes:

  • A fix for disappearing offline tracks.
  • A fix for the problem when adding tracks to existing playlists on touch screens.
  • Text input of special characters now added, e.g. Norwegian and French.
  • Text input on special types of keyboards now added, e.g. non-touch phones with dual keyboards.
  • New devices supported include the Nokia E72, Nokia N82, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6210, Navigator,Nokia 6290, Nokia N79.


How to setup VoIP SIP in Nimbuzz

8 12 2009

I’ve had a few people ask me about setting VOIP SIP up on their Nokia phones. I personally used to setup SIP manually on my N95 8GB, but Nokia for some reason have removed the manual setup method in newer phones and have left it up to 3rd Party developers to handle this now? Strange!

Anyways, I personally use Nimbuzz for SIP along with the SIP provider SIPGATE, I picked Sipgate as they used to allowed you to setup a free regional UK landline number (its now 0845 or 0870 numbers).

Here are the steps to get SIP working:-

1. Install Nimbuzz
Download and install Nimbuzz to you phone and register.
Note: Nimbuzz can also be used for IM Chat and Talk.

2. Register with a SIP Provider
I choose Sipgate as it was FREE and you don’t have to top-up with a minimum amount every month to keep your account active. Its up to you what provider you choose. Whatever SIP Provider you choose they will supply you all the settings you require when you register which you will need for Nimbuzz.

3. Setup SIP in Nimbuzz
Open Nimbuzz, login, then open ‘Options/Settings/SIP providers’ and select from the providers listed or select ‘Other’.

Enter your settings for the SIP provider, for Sipgate you just need your username, password and proxy server settings and select SAVE. If successful Nimbuzz will inform you and your SIP Provider status should change to ACTIVE.
Now goto ‘Options/Settings/VoIP provider settings’ and select SIP as your VoIP Provider and when you goto Calls in Nimbuzz you will see the SIP image and if you select a number to call it will use SIP for the calls.

UPDATE: Google Maps v3.3.1

4 12 2009


Google Maps gets another update from v3.3 to v3.3.1, not sure what the change is for, but I know a few people have complained about layers crashing.

Download from

UPDATE: Google Maps v3.3 adds STAR Syncing

2 12 2009


Google have just updated Google Maps to v3.3 and added the ability to sync STARRED items between PC and Mobile and vice-versa.

Oh the JOY!

Download from

Posted by Wordmobi

Opera Mini 5 ROCKS, but Opera Mobile 10 still SUCKS

2 12 2009

Just downloaded and installed the NEW Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 and Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 onto my Nokia E71.

The NEW Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 brings Download, Opera Link and many improvements, one significant one being the amount of RAM used by Opera Mini 5 while in use, its only a few MB. The same can’t be said for its RAM hungry big brother Opera Mobile 10 which is still eating RAM for breakfast.

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 includes the Opera Link and improvement which I haven’t found yet?

I’ve tested the new Downloads and Opera Link on Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 and they work great. Opera have got a great little web browser in Opera Mini, if only we could play video in the browser and be able to set Opera Mini as our default browser on the E71.

Download both and see for yourself, but I’m ROCKING with Opera Mini 5 🙂

Opera Mini 5

Opera Mobile 10