I’ve decided to change my downloads page and only provide you the very BEST applications to install on your Nokia mobile phones, I have all these applications on my E71 and 5800XM, plus Trial N97 for a time:-

Nokia Software

Nokia Maps
Nokia Share Online FREE
Nokia Email FREE 
Nokia Sports Tracker FREE or S60v5  
Nokia Internet Radio Player FREE
Nokia Location Tagger FREE

Epocware Handy
Handy Taskman (Application Launcher & Killer)
Handy Clock (Stopwatch, timers, alarms and world clock)
Handy Converter (Currency, exchange, rates, clothes, length, weight, area, volume, speed & temperature) >

Google Apps

Google Mail & Mail by Google FREE
Google Maps FREE
Google Search FREE 
YouTube FREE



Free-iSMS (Unsigned) (iPhone Style Threaded SMS) FREE or HERE

Gravity (Twitter,, Facebook and Google Reader Client)
Download Gravity (Stable release)
Download Gravity-Alpha (Alpha release and use at owners risk)
Download Gravity-Preview (Preview release and use at owners risk)

Nimbuzz (IM Chat & Internet Calls) FREE
Profimail (The Best Email Client)
Skype for 3 FREE
or S60v3 or S60v5

TotalRecall (Record all Calls)


Audials Mobile (Download Music)

BBC iPlayer FREE

BBC Visual Radio FREE
Download Trial Version HERE
CorePlayer (The VLC for S60)

Image Exchange (Replace the S60v3 Gallery with this) FREE

QIK (Stream Live Video) FREE

MeCanto (Listen to ur music collection online) FREE

Mobbler ( Player & Scrobbler for S60) FREE

ShazamID (Name that tune) FREE
or S60v3 or S60v5
Sky Anytime (SKY+ Remote Record) FREE
or S60v3 or S60v5
SymTorrent (BitTorrent Client) FREE

Symella (Gnutella File-Sharing Client) FREE

File Manager

LCG X-Plore (No.1 File Manager) SHAREWARE

Y-Browser (File Manager) FREE

Web Browsers

Bolt Browser FREE
Opera Mini FREE
Skyfire FREE


Birdstep SmartConnect (Combine Wifi & GPRS access points) FREE or HERE
JoikuSpot Light (Turn Nokia device into a Wifi HotSpot) FREE
Screenshot (Take screen shots of your S60v3 phone) FREE
Best ScreenSnap for S60v5 FREE or HERE mobile FREE (Store passwords securely)
Kylom Projekt
Wordmobi (WordPress Client) FREE



PicoDrive FREE or HERE

Other 5th Edition Touch Apps

Moubail: Apps for Touch Devices (DeviceInfo, Checkers, Match’em) FREE
PhoneTorch by Harald Meyer FREE
Vesuvian Software (Touch Calc 60, SoftTouch StopWatch, ScratchMMS, Notes On The Phone, ScratchPad, Chords) FREE

Direct Downloads

N97 & 5800XM Downloads
E71 Downloads


98 responses

13 08 2008

Great Idea!

13 08 2008
New Downloads page added «

[…] Downloads page added I’ve added a new page called ‘Downloads‘ to the nokiAAddict website. This will be a list of links to all the developer websites for […]

13 08 2008

Thanks Abul.

Planning to add some more links tonight, I’ve only added the links to applications I have on my N95-2 at the moment.

13 08 2008

I like to share this page

13 08 2008

Arjun, share away my firend. That’s why I’ve put it here.

22 08 2008
WOM World / Nokia » Blog Archive - More free apps sites

[…] Having seen yesterday’s post on where to find the best free apps, gerrymoth – the Nokia Addict – has posted his own directory. […]

22 08 2008
Nokia Adict - Download de Programas para celulares |

[…] Visite o site Nokia Adict! […]

29 08 2008

do you still have the 3 messenger jar/jad files for unbranded firmware please?

12 09 2008
Thomas H. rulez! [ Multimessenger ]

13 10 2008
Sky Anytime Mobile - Nokia N96

[…] but why not just download, install and see? Download the sis file directly from Downloads section __________________ Gerry (The […]

16 10 2008
UPDATE: Nokia MultiScanner v1.1.8 «

[…] the SIS file from the download and I’ve made it available to everyone in the nokiAAddict Downloads […]

18 10 2008

The sisx file for the multiscanner doesnt work on my E71. It wasn’t pre-installed when new.

28 10 2008
Rajeev Jain

Thank you thank you thank you. I nuked my E71’s memory card somehow and was baffled by the absense of multiscanner until I found your page.

28 10 2008

You might also want to look at Nokia’s E71 Software Support pages for Advanced Call Manager, Sports Tracker, etc..

14 11 2008
Pali Madra

This a great list and you cannot even imagine how many people you have assisted.

Thanks a ton and continue with the good work.

15 11 2008

Thanks a lot!

18 11 2008
How To Copy Text From The S60 Browser | The Symbian Blog

[…] and there were a lot of foreign characters in it, still something at least. Get Multiscanner from NokiaAddict here and Screenshot from […]

25 11 2008
Nokia viNe is now LIVE «

[…] Downloads […]

1 12 2008
craig waite

can you help got e51 got skype but not free ive been told i need software version 1.01.0 can you help tag on your site saying you have had it and got it working thanks mate i using e61 can message on skype

2 12 2008

Craig: If you mean the Skype BETA, just goto and select the N95 version to use, it works okay in my E71

2 12 2008

do you know if Advanced Call Manager on Nokia site is free or not?
Thanks a lot.

2 12 2008

Marco: The E71 Advanced Call Manager on the Nokia site is a free version for E71 only.

2 12 2008

Great!! Thank you so much.

10 12 2008

Finally got off my ass and shared this on Twitter…

Great job Gerry.

Nicely done.

10 12 2008
Downloads « «

[…] by gerrymoth’ a monthly event and I’ll be keeping a zip file updated over in Downloads for everyone to enjoy. This zip file will include all the latest versions of applications installed […]

10 12 2008

Any chance you could highlight the new/updates apps each month?

5 01 2009

Do you have the link o the file form Windows Live apps (messenger, etc)?

7 01 2009
Installs by gerrymoth 07/01/09 «

[…] Downloads […]

11 01 2009

i want a business card scanner.
can i buy an e71?
is the business card scanner good??

12 01 2009

I don’t use the business scanner much, but it does work well if the business cards have been laid out correctly. Get some business cards and take to ur nearest phone shop and ask if u can try out before buying? Download my file I have and store on ur current phone to bluetooth over And install if they don’t have multiscanner installed on the store E71?

31 01 2009

Thank you for providing such a great list. I only recently upgraded to the e71 and it was immensly helpfull. I was wondering if you could recommend vnc software for me to access my pc from my phone when im out and about through 3g etc..

Thank you kindly.

1 02 2009

@andis: You might want to try Nokia VNC or for SSH there is Putty for S60

20 02 2009

Hi, you have previously helped me install 3 msn messenger on my n73 phone, you sent me the files so that i could install via pc. I am now trying to install the newer version that is avalaible on planet 3 which is version 5.0, but i am having problems once again. I was wondering if you could email me the files again, so that i can install it. Any help would be really appreciated.
Thank you.

21 02 2009

dear sir,

i am currently using a nokia e71 model type and would very much like to download and its been unsuccessful could kindly assist me

thank you

25 02 2009
Abhista’s Symbian Portal » Copying text from s60 web browser

[…] and it gives you the text from that image.   Download Nokia Multiscanner from NokiAAddict Download and ScreenShot From […]

12 03 2009

hi gerrymoth i tired ur link but i still cant install shazam on my e71 can u assist me please

16 03 2009

You need to roll the date back on ur phone for it to work. Can remember exactly what I used, try Aug 2007?

16 03 2009

Hi,, could you please tell me where to download bbci player for E71. Ta

16 03 2009

I only have BBC iPlayer v1.0 which works via Wifi on the E71 and doesn’t have Radio 😦

Download HERE

17 03 2009

cheers mate the bbci player is fine. could you help me with a last fm.

17 03 2009

For use Mobbler, download HERE If u have problems with v0.3.5 skipping tracks then switch to v0.3.4

17 03 2009

I have tried downloading this but it keeps saying certificate errorr. Any idea’s.

6 04 2009

I purchased Handy RSS and have problem setting it up on my N95 8gb to receive news feeds from google and other news agencies like Reuters etc. I need to put in the channels but I cdo not know what to put in. Can you help me to set up my HANDY RSS on my N95 8GB

6 04 2009

All you need to do is add the URL for the RSS feed into the channel, try by adding

6 04 2009

I typed the url you wrote and tried to update , but an erroe message came up and said: ‘Internet connection error’ . And I have internet connection on the phone at that particular time. So it did not work.

7 04 2009

Name: Nokiaaddict

I put this into a fresh install of Handy RSS and hit UPDATE, it asked for network connection and I selected 3UK (my network) and it downloaded the feed okay. Either you have a network problem or the app hasn’t installed properly, more likely a network issue.

7 04 2009

Thanks for all the helps. This is not working for me here in LA, I use AT&T and has service. The phone updates after I put in the url you gave me. But I see no feeds.

11 05 2009

Do you know any (preferably open source) office suits voor a Nokia 5800 device? I like my 5800 very much, just miss the oportunity to view documents (word/pdf) attached to emails!

11 05 2009

I you goto the downloads application on the 5800 and look in the Business folder you will fine a FREE version of QuickOffice and PDF Reader for viewing only. You can upgrade and pay a fee to edit files in QuickOffice

11 05 2009

Thank you, I tried that but after download it says “installation of item failed”. Trying to download it again doesn’t work, neither does removing the current downloaded installer. I don’t know how to remove the install file or fix it.

11 05 2009

Go to App Mgr on the phone and remove any reference to QuickOffice. Turn phone off & on, then try installing again.

20 05 2009
Ce carti de vizita? Nu stii? Cu inelul! | Alexandru Bleau

[…] In schimb, am dat peste o alta aplicatie folositoare care cu ajutorul camerei foto scaneaza carti de vizita. Si partea cea mai buna este ca preia textul de pe cartea de vizita si il introduce direct in business card, scutindu-ma de munca asidua de copiere de pe poza a informatiilor.  Software-ul se numeste Abbyy business card reader. Mai multe informatii gasesti aici. Pe langa acest programel, exista si Nokia Multiscanner care aparent face acelasi lucru. Il puteti da jos de aici. […]

10 02 2010

Alex, I understand that you are excited about that card reader software, next time when you feel like posting, try using the Google Language Tools and translate from our beloved Romanian language in something that everyone can understand such as English. Fatalaule.

21 05 2009
sudhir rao

How do I get the windows media player installed on my E71.

21 05 2009

You can’t install Windows Media Player on the E71, but you can install CorePlayer which is an equivalent

26 06 2009

The Certificate of SHAZAM ID has expired do u have any idea where i can find it, either free or Pay 4 it.

5 07 2009

Are the downloads updated or not? If not when was the last update made?

6 07 2009

Think last time I updated was end March 2009, but I’ll be redoing the Downlaods page this week, so will blog when I’ve completed.

8 07 2009

Anyone having problems installing Shazam for S60v3, should change the phone date to 07/07/2007 and install, change date back and then run 🙂

8 07 2009

i like watch video direct from my cellphone. What your suggestion about video player?

8 07 2009

Coreplayer is what you want, plays virtually anything. I download divx movies from torrents and can play directly from the E71 using Coreplayer without having to reformat. Coreplayer are planning a version for S60v5 expected to be released early Aug 2009

15 07 2009

do you have application for facebook mobile. Like the one on the balckberry.

16 07 2009
18 07 2009


would like some help to install the Shazam on the E71. How does it work?? Tried to use the Shazam for S60v3 and V5 and is not working.
thank you

20 07 2009

I just changed the phone date to 07/07/2007 and installed the file, then changed date back and used

20 07 2009
Harry Palmer

Hi, Gerry

Thanks for your (very) useful blog, it helps E71 newbies like me !

I’m seeking for WiPresenter, but it seems that the only sources to get it are on torrents for cracked versions, and i’m not sure they are all the most safe and secured…

Any idea where I can get this software ? BTW where could I find a cable to plug my “little mule” to a TV set ? I think it would be cool to see videos and pictures directly on my television…

20 07 2009

WiPresenter can be found at the Nokia E71 Support Pages HERE

The E71 doesn’t have TV-Out support, you’ll only get audio via the headphone socket.

Glad ur enjoying the site and look forward to a dedicated E71 Direct Downloads page coming soon 🙂

22 07 2009
22 07 2009
YouTube App for Symbian gets v2.2.9 update, Touch Support | ZOMG its Cj

[…] dont see a link, Gerrymoth has graciously put up the link to the installation file over on the NokiaAddict Download Page. Head to the bottom of the page and select “Direct […]

23 07 2009

Direct Download links for n97 and 5800 are great. Would it be too much to ask for you to put the version name along with the file name? Please.

23 07 2009

Direct Download links for n97 and 5800 are great. Would it be too much to ask for you to put the version name along with the file name of the app? Please.

23 07 2009

I will be keeping the Direct Downloads up to date as I am using this as my personal download area aswell for any new devices I get I can easily install everything. Have just blogged what’s new today and I will keep everyone informed if new updates are made available to please subscribe to the site to be kept up to date 🙂

23 07 2009
23 07 2009

No comment. I just wanted to subscribe as I already left a comment and forgot to subscribe. Many thanks.

24 07 2009

Many thanks. I have had to unsubscribe as I am getting email after email with a list of spam links as replies to this when they obviously are not.

26 07 2009

hi gerrymoth great website! can you tell me if i can use that facebook app on my e71?


27 07 2009

ok, thank you for your work!!

27 07 2009


do you have anything for 5800XM Blue? To change or update anything for it?

28 07 2009

Dude, you are the man! Thanks for these!

28 07 2009

Is there a way to install SIS files via Linux. Jeez symbian is so fkn annoying.

28 07 2009

Bluetooth the files over to your phone or via the USB cable and store in a folder on your memory card, then click and install from the phone?

31 07 2009

kudos! awesome job. lets digg this 😉

5 08 2009

Got big question- i’m looking for application to watch movies/videos online. It says i need adobe flash player. When i checked adobe website there was nothing for symbian OS… Gerrymoth- do u know any app which could help with this? Thanks

5 08 2009

For online video playing on my E71 I tend to use the Skyfire browser seems to work great for most things.

12 08 2009


I want to know does business card scanner work on Nokia E63. I installed multiscanner but its not working.

20 08 2009
30 08 2009

i love my nokia e71, i bought it in Florida, but i move to my country and the 3g video conference is not working.
we have that kind of conection, but in the mobile company they told me is because i bought it out of the country.
there is a way to fix this problem???
i really want to enjoy my baby with this video calls.

21 10 2009

hello is there any free Software to watch TV on Nokia E-71-1?


21 10 2009

I have SPB TV for some foriegn channels and use Kinoma Play to watch Sky News and France 24 News. There is the Sky Anytime Mobile TV, but its only available on certain networks the TV

11 11 2009

Do you know of a Podcast client (preferably free) that will work with the new E72?

11 11 2009

You could try Audiobay, Escarpod or Kinoma Play. They are not as good as Nokia Podcasting app, but do the business.

17 11 2009
nokiaAAddict: Great Reviews, Rants and Apps | Wap Review

[…] avoid the frustrations of the Ovi Store and doggy download sites and head directly to nokiAAddict's Downloads page where you will find direct links to all the essential apps and utilities that you need to make […]

25 11 2009

Great work, dude! Can you please find an updated version of the Skype on 3 client for the Nokia E66 (S60v3)? Thanks! 🙂

21 12 2009
Denis Chesney

Hi jerrymoth, can u please help me, I’m looking out for a down load of Python 1.9.7 runtime for my 5800 XM
I wanna instal Express Sketch which needs Python to run, I usually instal any apps for 5800 Xm by removing the sim card
and using WiFi network, it works all the time.

21 12 2009

Try looking in the Downloads section of Wordmobi page

21 01 2010
Colin Meacham

HI ! and Happy 2010 from Vancouver of the Winter Olympics ! ..just was doing a little surfing and stumbled on to your page. I own a Nokia N95-8g and have enjoyed it for several years..However I have a HUGE bone to pick with NOKIA…I got a first generation bluetooth headset from the good folks at Jawbone. It works very well except for the one flaw, which I have found to be NOKIA’S problem. No matter what personal profile you create you can not have the headset on and have the phone ring in your ear (Not on the Handset) and just have the handset vibrate.To clarify this, I will give an example say you are in an office meeting and your jacket/blazer ?? is over the chair, you have on your headset and the phone rings…Well what would be nice is that it just rang in your ear, and you just got up and left the room..grabbing the handset on the way.No way it can be done !..if you go to Silent..well No ring just vibrate…lower the volume..lowers it on the handset as well..It’s a complete pain in the #$R&. I used to have an older handset and it was Nokia, and I had a Nokia Bluetooth Headset..and I could do this…I got a Nokia Bluetooth headset on Craigslist ( H-703) and it’s the same thing. I called the folks at Jawbone and talked with them, and no it’s Nokia’s problem !! non of the headsets will work. So I guess I am the only one in the world to post and find this out. So now I have 2 headsets and the phone rings regardless.(.Nokia…”Are you listening ?)..perhaps they just need to do a firmware update !?..if you have any connections, or have any let me know !

22 01 2010

Does anyone know of media player that can be uploaded on the E71x and does have fast forward?
Also has anyone try to install on it the point & find from Nokia? if so which phone model did you select?

16 03 2010

just now i download lot of applications from this web site expect my feedback soon

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