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Now the Nokia Internet Radio Player on your N95 8GB, N95, N82, N81, N73, etc.. is probably the only application you’ll need to listen to a host of internet streaming music, but there are additional internet radio stream which are not available yet through the Nokia Internet Radio Player, come on Radio Stations get them added here, so I’ll add links to all the addition ones gerrymoth uses on his N95 8GB via the Nokia Internet Radio Player or the Real Player.

BBC Radio Stations and Listen Again
BBC Radio now have a mobile site for you to use on your Nokia phones at

Alternatively open the following great website ( and click on the desired radio station or listen again items, the Real Player will open up and you’ll be able to listen and then save the stream link.
BBC Radio – Listen Again

Additional Nokia IR Player Stations
Traffic Radio North West (24k)
Traffic Radio North East (24k)
Traffic Radio Midlands (24k)
Traffic Radio South East (24k)
Traffic Radio South West (24k)
Traffic Radio London (24k)

TalkSport (32k)

Comedy Pipe (128kb)

SLAM FM (128kb)

NOTE: Ensure the correct capitalisation when entering into Nokia IR Player, and if you need any other stations, just drop me a email and I’ll try my hardest to find a link for you.

Other good websites for internet radio streams are:



25 responses

21 08 2008

Hey Gerry:

can you fix this link below, as it does not work, once I finished typing the url into my internet radio


24 08 2008

I think Talk Sport have pulled the plug on this feed. I’m still on the lookout for a new one.

1 10 2008

what about bbc 7.

2 10 2008

@Jo BBC 7 is on the ‘BBC Radio LIVE’ link above or use

20 10 2008
José Luis

I’m try to select a station in Internet Radio, but it show me next message “Unable to connect to station”.

21 10 2008

José Luis: What phone do you have and what network you with (some maybe blocking the ports)? I know I originally had problems getting Nokia Internet Radio to work in my E71, cos they didn’t have a proper version and I was tring the N73, N95, etc.. to see if it worked.

31 10 2008

I think Traffic Radio has changed IP address to so your above streams don’t work any more. Any ideas on what the new ones are?

3 11 2008

New links for Traffic Radio are:
Traffic Radio North West
Traffic Radio North East
Traffic Radio Midlands
Traffic Radio South East
Traffic Radio South West
Traffic Radio London

3 11 2008
UPDATE: Traffic Radio Streams Changed «

[…] Thanks to Rob for informing me the Traffic Radio streams have changed, so I’ve updated the Internet Radio page with the correct […]

11 11 2008

hi there i just installed nokia internet radio but it keeps coming up with unable to connect to radio station. please help thanx

11 11 2008

i am using nokia n95 silver thanx

12 11 2008

@harry: Do you have the latest version from

What network and what data plan are you on?

If you can connect fine to the internet, then Nokia Internet Radio should work.

12 11 2008

gerrymoth thanx its working. it was working before with wifi but not with mobile web. for other users i would say that reinstall it and then select the access point when you first load it.make sure you have the right settings in real player streaming as`well i.e access point.

12 11 2008

actually i just found out that all the stations dont work only few does dont know why. anyone with any suggestions thanx.

1 12 2008
zain kk

how can i add some pakistani fm stations in my nokia n95 radio, plz help to add this stations, i want to add 105 fm live

18 05 2009

I have been able to play asx streams in coreplayer. I’m not a big fan of the UI for this player though and it does seem a little buggy also.

9 12 2008

Zain kk: The 105FM & 106FM are both Windows Media based streams which won’t play on the N95.

30 01 2009

Recommendations on streaming video links anyone?

Chicago, IL USA

20 02 2009
jo soap

rtalksport used to work on n95 but its now a bill gates windows media stream so n95 not being having a windows browser will not work . sorry – tell talksport .

29 07 2009

Does anyone know of a place to download the Nokia Internet Radio (for use in the US) for a E71x? This is my first smart phone and I’m trying to get everything set up to get the most out of it. Any suggestions on anything else I probably shouldn’t live without wout be appreciated. So far I just grabbed two internet browsers and some of the google apps. Thanks

30 07 2009

If its not listed here then Nokia ain’t supporting it 😦

Alternatively you could use the old S60 Internet Radio or use LCG Jukebox?

31 07 2009

Thanks, it looks to be working fine.

Second question though
Does anyone know why my bluetooth headset won’t connect? It just sits on searching for as long as I let it. I put the earpiece into search mode, and then put my nokia into looking for a paired device. I made the phone available on the first tab and then selected new paired device from the second tab. I tried letting it run for over 10 minutes and the two devices never found each other. Has anyone else run into this? The bluetooth is just a Plantronics 220.

17 08 2009

Hi Gerry. Just a thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in so we don’t have to. Much appreciated.

4 03 2010

hey guys i hv a n73 and i installed the internet radio app on it. but its juss showin sum limited amount of stations. so do i hv to add stations or browse fer em on the net lyk type in da ip add o sumthin.. and i hv an internet conn which is quite slow so could u gv me da link fer sum 32kb or 24kb stations??

25 03 2010

i have 100’s of live365 stations on my nokias60 internetradio.if u want it.just wors on s60 v2 and 3.i discover it my self and it really works:)

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