Freoffice for N900 – KOffice Office Viewer

19 01 2010

Nokia have just released Freoffice a KOffice Office Viewer for ODF (ODT and ODP), Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint documents only at the moment.

The MS Word 2003 documents I’ve tried with it don’t show the full page very well and seem to miss half the information on it or put in on multiple pages. Don’t think it likes tables in word documents.

Hopefully we will get more updates to fix and improve this FREE office viewer. We want FREE Office Editor and Viewer????

Freoffice is avalable via ‘Maemo Extras-Devel’ repository.


What’s Installed on the N900 (19th Jan 2010)

19 01 2010

Especially for @lookatbowen over on Twitter who is waiting for his N900 to be delivered, here is what’s installed on the gerrymoth’s N900:

*Added since 21/12/09:

*3G/2G Mode Selection Applet
Adblock Plus
*Airport (Game)
*Amazon Widget
*Angry Birds (Game) + Level Pack 1
Conversations Inbox Desktop Widget
*Countdown Timer
*Cube (game)
*Disc (Game)
Documents to Go Viewer Edition
*DrNokSnes (Game Emulator)
Extras Decoders Support
Facebook Widget and Photo Uploader
FM Radio Player
ForecaWeather Widget
GPE File Manager
gPodder Podcast Client
*Headphone daemon
*Jamaendo Player
*Labyrinth Lite (Game)
*Matrix (Theme)
*MGutenberg E-Book Reader
*OGG Support
*Panucci resuming Audiobook and Podcast Player
Password Safe
Pixelpipe Upload and Share
*Simple Brightness Applet
*Simple FMTX Desktop Widget
*Solitaire (Game)
*SuperTux (Game)
*TuneWiki Desktop Widget
*Unzip Add-on for the File Manager
*Variations on Rockdodger (Game)
*VGBA (Game Emulator)
*Xploder (Game)
*YaSpot (Spotify Client in very early development)
*YouTube Video Uploader (Pixelpipe Plugin)
Removed since 21/12/09: Bullshit Bingo, Countdown Home Desktop Widget, desktop-photoapplet, digiaatscene, Fennec (Firefox), FriendStatus IM Statuses Aggregator, Hermes, load-applet, Personal Dataplan Monitor, Personal IP Address, Stopwatch, Wormux, Zoutube

The applications removed since December all work fine, I just didn’t really use them.

More N900 Firmware Updates – PR1.1 Released

14 01 2010

Two Firmware updates for the N900 in one week, oh Nokia you will be spoiling us 😀 The N900 gets a major firmware update to v2.2009.51-1 and will be available via OTA, NSU and Maemo Flasher as of 7am on 14/01/2010 in Finland and distributed worldwide throughout the day.

Changelog for the firmware update is here

I wish all Nokia firmware updates followed the Maemo guys method and published exactly what the changes consist of?

The new firmware brings changes from Nokia and from Bug Reports the Maemo Community have raised.

I’ve heard people saying if you’re having problems installing the new firmware to disable Maemo Extra-devel repository and also remove some of the devel apps? Can’t confirm this as I haven’t updated myself, stuck on a 2G T-Mobile area at the moment 😦

New FW Easter Egg: In web browser press CTRL-SHIFT-0 you’ll like it 🙂

UPDATE 15/01/10: I refreshed the Application Manager on my N900 and it had the new FW Update, so when I got home I tried to update OTA, but the update stated I had to update via NSU, so I plugged my UK N900 into my laptop and fired up NSU which told me I had the latest FW already v44?

I checked to see if there was a firmware image available to download and flash to my N900 and noticed they didn’t have a UK firmware image, that’s why NSU didn’t see it. Instead I flashed my N900 using the Global Firmware Image.

Instructions for flashing the N900 can be found HERE
Firmware Images can be downloaded HERE

Tunewiki for S60v5: Adds Shoutcast Internet Radio

13 01 2010


My poor Nokia 5800XM doesn’t have the Nokia Internet Radio application like the E71 has, but don’t despair as Tunewiki have come to the rescue and supplied Shoutcast Radio in their new Tunewiki application for S60 5th Edition devices (5800XM, 5530XM, N97, N97 Mini).

Shoutcast Radio has thousands of worldwide internet radio channels for you to listen to (Fresh FM and XFM from the Netherlands are my favourites) for every taste, there are channels for rock, pop, indie, trance, dance, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, news, sports, etc..

Tunewiki also plays music you have on your device and displays lyrics for the songs, bit like a mini Karaoke Machine 😀 and it also plays YouTube Music videos.

The version of Tunewiki I have on the ACER Liquid Android phone also does Radio, so hopefully Nokia users will get that in an update to the app?

Download HERE

FIRMWARE UPDATE: Nokia 5800XM v40.0.005

13 01 2010

The Nokia 5800XM firmware has been update from v31.0.101 to v40.0.005. The update should be available via NSU and OTA for most product codes.

Update includes:

  • Additional Kinetic Scrolling
  • Changed UI in the homescreen similar to the 5530XM
  • Updated Nokia Messaging
  • OVI Contacts pre-installed
  • New screen alarm when locked
  • Keyboard updated: when in vertical mode it’s alpha-numeric, if you turn your phone to landscape mode, it automatically changes to full qwerty
  • Keyboard updated: when you press a “key” the key that appears on top is now bigger
  • Software updater is now updated and has a some more options
  • When phone key lock is on and you recieve a call you see a slide to unlock and slide to answer bars

Anyone found anymore changes in the new firmware, then please comment?

UPDATED 13/01/10 18:31hrs: Additional changelog items added, thanks to PT.
UPDATED 13/01/10 23:04hrs: New slide on receiving call added to changelog, thanks to Murat.

Install DEB files using New N900 Firmware

13 01 2010

The ability to RED Pill and install DEB files has been withdrawn from the new N900 Firmware update v1.2009.44-1, oh boo hoo, sob sob!

But wait, there is a way!

1) To install you need to transfer the downloaded *.deb file to your N900(for example Documents folder)
2) Open xterm and type(you need rootsh for this):

sudo gainroot
dpkg -i MyDocs/.documents/*.deb

3) Close xterm, go to More… and your application should be there.

NOTE: You may need to reboot your phone after the installation.


N900 Game: Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile

12 01 2010

Angry Birds (N900 and iPhone)

The OVI Store launched yesterday on the N900 and I quickly downloaded a few of the available applications and games, but the single one I can’t stop playing is Angry Birds by Rovio. Rovio also developed the N900 demonstration game Bounce Evolution.

Angry Birds is a simple game, throw some birds and destroy the green pigs, not an all action arcade game, but its just one of those games which is just so so addictive.

The FREE version of Angry Birds gives you the first 21 levels of the game and to access the additional 42 levels you need to pay £3.00.

I managed to have a quick chat on twitter with the Angry Birds developer Matthew Wilson via @roviomobile and asked two questions:

Q1. Why the difference in price between the Apple iPhone (£0.59) and Nokia N900 (£3.00) version?
A1. The N900 price is a realistic valuation of the game. Because of the huge supply of iPhone games there’s downward pressure on price.

Q2. What was the easier to develop for, the Apple iPhone or the Nokia N900?
A2. I asked our lead coder he said: Pretty hard to compare, but my personal preference would be N900.

I also noticed on the @roviomobile twitter feed they stated to @thebluenile “expect more to come”. I can’t wait as the two games available (I know one is only a demo, but its some demo) are quality.

Download Angry Birds from OVI Store and enjoy