rss_logoThe Nokia Podcasting application for the S60 3rd & 5th Edition mobile phones is a great application, but the podcast directory listings never have the podcasts I really want, so I’ve created my own and it includes all the BBC Radio Podcasts, SKY NEWS, mobile phone, music and comedy podcasts.

All you need to do is add the nokiAAddict web directory into the Nokia Podcasting application:

Directories/Options/New/Web directory

Title: Can be whatever you want, maybe nokiAAddict?

URL: http://www.opmlmanager.com/opml/nokiaaddict.opml

You can also view the Podcasts available in the nokiAAddict Podcast Web Directory on a PC or mobile phone browser by clicking on the following link:

URL: http://www.opmlmanager.com/outliner/nokiaaddict

Note: If you have any good podcasts you’d like me to add to the web directory, just give me a shout.


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15 04 2008

added to my podcast on n96 8gb and it shows a green arrow pointing down and an exclamation mark.. any ideas .. thank you

15 04 2008

oooops typo n95 8gb

15 04 2008

All I can suggest is to ensure you have the correct url http://www.opmlmanager.com/opml/nokiaaddict.opml in the Nokia Podcasting app or ensure you have the network connection set correctly in Nokia Podcasting app, go to:

Options/Settings/Connection/Default access point

Also, this maybe a stupid question, but you do have a working internet connection?

3 08 2009
Micky Aldridge

Sweet mate, great idea to have this. Nice 1,!

3 08 2009

Thanks Micky, if you want any GOOD podcasts added just left me know 🙂

15 04 2008

hi ya tried it again and it works perfect.. thanks very much , keep up the good work ,i have used many of your links on my phone especialy radio streaming…thanks, shaun

16 04 2008
SKY NEWS added to the nokiAAddict Web Directory « nokiAAddict.com

[…] SKY NEWS added to the nokiAAddict Web Directory I’ve added all the SKY NEWS Podcasts (Audio & Video) into the nokiAAddict Web Directory. […]

28 05 2008
SMS Text News added to nokiAAddict Podcast Directory « nokiAAddict.com

[…] News added to nokiAAddict Podcast Directory I’ve added the SMS Text News podcast to the nokiAAddict Podcast Directory, check out Episode 4 especially, the gerrymoth & nokiAAddict get a shout out from the SMS Text […]

11 06 2008
ray morgan

just the thing i needed thanks

18 06 2008
UPDATE: nokiAAddict Podcast Directory on the N800 « nokiAAddict.com

[…] just installed gPodder onto the N800 and I’m able to add the nokiaaddict podcast directory, subscribe and download any the podcasts. So download the podcasts […]

19 06 2008
REQUEST: Addition to the nokiAAddict Podacst Directory « nokiAAddict.com

[…] Podacst Directory Matthew Bennett over at nseriesus.com emailed to request additions to the nokiAAddict Podcast Directory, so I obliged and the following have been […]

22 06 2008
21 07 2008
UPDATE: gPodder v0.12 « nokiAAddict.com

[…] use gPodder for all my Audio & Video podcasts on the N800. Also remember you can add the nokiAAddict Podcast Directory into it, which will allow you to easily subscribe to BBC Radio, Sky News and selected mobile phone […]

26 02 2009
26 02 2009
2 03 2009

Thanks MrHaytch I’ll try to add them this week

2 04 2009
Kevin Neely

I know I’m late to the game on this one, but opmlmanager + S60 podcasting application = total win!

My music suggestion is NPR’s Live Concerts from the “All Songs Considered” program. This features a full concert by various amazing groups. Updated on something like a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

2 04 2009
Kevin Neely

Oops, forgot the link to the podcast RSS:


1 07 2009

I’ve added it into the directory for you Kevin

28 06 2009

Can you tell me what is the difference between adding your opml file within the default browser under web feeds and the podcast application?

29 06 2009

the podcast application can be setup to automatically download podcasts

8 07 2009

I didn’t know this could be done and think this is a fantastic idea. I love the way podcasting worked on my N95 and is the main reason I got the N97 over the iPhone. I have had problems with the whole list of my podcasts dissapearing from the phone, and have had to re-enter them all 3 times in the last week, so a directory like this will save me a lot of time.

Below are my suggestions to add to your list.


http:// patcondell.libysn.com/rss.xml – Godless comedy (religious people may be offended)

29 07 2009
DJ-Code Y

I’m quite proud to see my podcast is futured here!
Please check out the Epitome Of Sound Sessions podcast
here it’s named I Love Trance Podcast.

If you enjoy, leave a comment at http://www.ILoveTranceMusic.com or http://www.twitter.com/Trance_Cat

Keep up! It’ll come out monthly!

29 07 2009

Will be updating the podcasts page soon with details and links to all podcasts websites featured in my directory 🙂

31 07 2009
DJ-Code Y

Please rename the ” I love Trance Music” podcast to it’s correct name.
The podcast is named ” The Epitome Of Sound Sessions” the podcast is FEATURED by http://www.ILoveTranceMusic.com

That’s quite different than the I love Trance Music podcast.

18 08 2009

DJ Code-Y: Sorry it took so long, but the podcast name and feed link have been changed.

10 08 2009

may i suggest http://www.abc.net.au/services/podcasting/
for our australian subscribers. lots of good stuff in there : new music on triple j
science Q&A with Dr. Karl great interviews with Richard kingsmill and Funny stuff with Dool’s nearly there podcast. and plenty more.

11 08 2009

Will have a look at these and add in for you

20 08 2009
Ian Coe

This is a bloody excellent list and brilliant idea.

The podcasting feature is a major reason why I went for the N97 and I was getting pretty bored of the manual additions that I have been doing.

Many thanks

20 08 2009

Thanks and if you have any good podcasts you want added then let us know 🙂

20 08 2009
Ian Coe

Will do 🙂

There was one I used to listen to last year with two guys, one based in manchester and one based in london (who was referred to as a pig fu**er) which was always funny, however my old comp died and I haven’t been able to find it since (although the N97 is brilliant in regards to podcasts).
Just adding incase someone else knows the name.

29 09 2009

Just loved the podcasting app on E71. Have bought an E52 and no podcasting? WTF?!?

Tried downloading app from Nokia website but won’t install on E52. Other S60 fp2 phones have it pre-installed (eg. N96) so why not the E52?

Does anyone know if a compatible download is available anywhere for the E52?

Thanks. G

29 09 2009

I’ve just sent back a E55 I had for review and the only negative thing I’d say about it was the podcast app was missing and also if you copy podcasts over to the device they don’t show up in the music player?

Not sure what the hell Nokia are playing at here?

I did get round the problem by installing Kinoma Play and using the RSS Feeds in that to play my podcasts, but its not as neat and stand alone as the nokia Podcasting app.

Its another Nokia are NUTS moment.

29 09 2009

Thanks for the tip Gerry. At some point a product manager for the E52/E55 must have thought “shall we include a tried and tested app like podcasting or shan’t we? Mmmm, no we won’t!”

Agree with you, they’ve gone bonkers!

7 10 2009

As a postscript to this, I’ve just tried using the AudioBay Podcasting application, which isn’t as slick or integrated as Nokia’s app, but serves as a useful enough workaround until Nokia see the light!

7 10 2009

Geeezeee: Do you have a working file for AudiBay, everyone I’m trying gives me Expired Certificate with my E71 when installing?

7 10 2009

Have you tried setting your calendar to 2006 before installing (set it back to 2009 afterwards)?

There is another bug (on E52 anyway) which is the volume control doesn’t seem to work! I find I need podcasts at max vol anyway so not big issue for me, but maybe it works on E71. Happy to share file anyway.

25 11 2009
Steve Lawson

Hiya. Any chance you could add FrequencyCast, the UK Tech podcast?

Website: http://www.frequencycast.co.uk
Feed URL: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/frequencycast

That’s be great.

Many thanks,


1 12 2009

Steve I’ve had a listen to ur podcast and have added it under the folder TECHNOLOGY

1 12 2009

Hi Gerry

Here’s another one for your consideration – “The Phones Show” – which is a weekly banter about all things mobile.

Website: http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/sshow/chat.html
Feed: http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/sshow/sshowchat.rss

2 12 2009

I have the Phone Show already in my Podcast collection, it should be under ‘Mobile’ folder

7 12 2009

I think your link is to the video version. They also do quite a nice audio version which covers things in a little more depth…

8 12 2009

Thanks, will have a look tonight and add to the directory

16 01 2010

Is this still working? It just shows an error everytime. And my connection is fine, the BBC opml works fine. Also I have cut and pasted it several times, so I’m sure I have the right text. Any ideas?

18 01 2010

OK, my mistake, it worked today. I was copying from the text in the Opera Mini browser and I think it copied a CR in the middle. Hopefully this will at least avoid someone making the same mistake.

23 02 2010

Any chance you could add the Guardian Science Weekly podcast?


I have no problem subscribing to podcasts found by my 5800’s search function or manually entering addresses from podcasts featured on places like feedburner, but have had a frustrating time trying to figure out how to subscribe to podcasts that only have an itunes and rss feed option, tried every variation of address I can think of from the rss feed but it always ends up as htm only or as text links with no enclosure. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

23 02 2010

For those who miss the Nokia Podcasting app on recent FP2 devices such as E52/55/72 you might be interested to know that someone has modified it to install on these phones. Further details here:


14 03 2010

How can I actually subscribe to podcasts using my Nokia that are password protected. Is there a way where I can enter login and passwords?

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