Tunewiki Social Media Player for N900

27 01 2010

TuneWiki SMP for Maemo

The N900 finally gets the full Tunewiki experience instead of the rather dull Tunewiki Widget it shipped with, we now have the new Tunewiki SMP for Maemo (SMP = Social Media Player)

With the new Tunewiki SMP you have a music player, youtube music player, Shoutcast Radio Player, lyrics for all music and search for Tunewiki users near you.

I’ve had a quick play with everything and it seems to work very well on my N900.


Tunewiki for S60v5: Adds Shoutcast Internet Radio

13 01 2010


My poor Nokia 5800XM doesn’t have the Nokia Internet Radio application like the E71 has, but don’t despair as Tunewiki have come to the rescue and supplied Shoutcast Radio in their new Tunewiki application for S60 5th Edition devices (5800XM, 5530XM, N97, N97 Mini).

Shoutcast Radio has thousands of worldwide internet radio channels for you to listen to (Fresh FM and XFM from the Netherlands are my favourites) for every taste, there are channels for rock, pop, indie, trance, dance, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, news, sports, etc..

Tunewiki also plays music you have on your device and displays lyrics for the songs, bit like a mini Karaoke Machine 😀 and it also plays YouTube Music videos.

The version of Tunewiki I have on the ACER Liquid Android phone also does Last.fm Radio, so hopefully Nokia users will get that in an update to the app?

Download HERE

AUDIALS MOBILE – Music Downloaded Direct To Your Mobile

18 06 2009

Audials Mobile is the only software that allows you to download the best MP3 music the Internet has to offer from the newest generation of social radio stations. It’s like taking candy from a baby! With Audials Mobile, your cell phone will be bursting at the seams with the latest pop, rock, rap, hip hop, metal, electro, trance, techno and music from many other genres as well as the latest hits from the charts. Music recording of radios is legally and free!

Just installed this great music download application onto my Nokia E71, 5800XM and N97. It allows you to search for artist, then it lists all the songs for you to then download and listen to, directly on your phone (DRM FREE). There are additional plugins you can install to widen your search field, but so far I’m really impressed with this app. My wifi will be getting hammered at the weekend downloading LOADS of music, so if I find any problems with this app I’ll let you all know.

Price: £7.90 Special Discount Price


Hyrax.fm renamed MeCanto

1 06 2009

Hyrax.fm which allows you to listen to your music collection on the web and your mobile phone has changed its name to MeCanto (http://www.mecanto.com) and has rebranded its PC and Mobile clients.

Via: MeCanto – Listen to your music collection on the web and your mobile phone.

UPDATE: Hyrax for S60v3 & S60v5 (v1.0.4079)

21 05 2009

Hyrax for Nokia S60 3rd & 5th edition phones, v1.0.4079 has been released and I have it working great on my Nokia E71 and Nokia 5800XM.

Just to remind you, with Hyrax you upload all your music collection on the PC to the Hyrax servers and then you can access over 3G or Wifi from any PC or via your Nokia mobile phone.

via Hyrax Downloads.

Mobile Download HERE

Hyrax for S60

19 03 2009

Just got an invite to try out Hyrax for S60 which is a new services which will update all your music collection from your PC onto the Hyrax servers and then from a smart application on your S60v3 Nokia phone you will be able to listen to your music via 3G or Wifi anywhere you want 🙂

Hyrax speel:-

With Hyrax your music collection turns instantly into an online repository where you can browse, organize, search, and most importantly listen to your music. Your Hyrax online music collection can also be accessed from your mobile phone immediately upon registration. With Hyrax you can access your entire music collection from anywhere without any syncing or file transfers.

via Hyrax.

Music Almighty Headset Competition Winners

21 01 2009

The winners of the Nokia Music Almighty Headset Design Competition have been announced and unfortunately I’m not one of them 😦

Checkout the winners HERE