Interview with gerrymoth

6 02 2010

My online friend Micky from interviewed me the other day and has just posted my answers to his Nokia related questions.

Check it out and see what I think about things 🙂


Win a N97 with Vlingo and nokiAAddict

7 10 2009


To celebrate Vlingo being pre-installed on the new Nokia N97, N97 Mini and E72 those nice people at Vlingo have teamed up with nokiAAddict to give you the chance to win a Nokia N97 and a FREE Vlingo PRO license, plus 3 runners up will win a Vlingo PRO license.

Vlingo enables you to instantly send a text or email message, call a friend, search the Web, create a ‘Note to self’, update your Facebook status and more by speaking too your Nokia smartphone. Checkout the Vlingo Demo video over on

This is a great opportunity for you to win one of Nokia’s flagship devices and one of Nokia’s newest additions to the pre-installed applications (included in the firmware) on their phones.

All you need to do to win the Nokia N97 and Vlingo PRO license is download the Vlingo application to your existing phone (or borrow a friends 😀 ) and video yourself using Vlingo. Yes its that simple, but I may award an extra point to the best use of the Vlingo application, so use your imagination, come up with a good use for the Vlingo application and video yourself doing it.

Upload your video to YouTube, OVI, Flickr, whatever and post a link to in the comments of this post (remember to use the tag VLINGO so we can find them easily?). Closing date for the competition is 12th November 2009, the winner will be picked my a panel of judges and notified soon after.

For those of you that would love to get your hands on a lovely new shiny Nokia N97 with Vlingo pre-installed but currently have an iPhone, Blackbery or Windows Mobile device you can take part too. Vlingo works on other devices although each phone supports different functionality. See for more info.

Download Vlingo for Nokia Phones

For more information

NOTE: Sorry the Competition is only open to people in the UK & Ireland.

nokiAAddict Heading To London To Meet The N900

10 09 2009

nokiAAddict (gerrymoth) will be heading to London on Saturday to the onedotzero event happening at BFI in Southbank, London. Those nice people at WOMWorld/Nokia have invited me down to the event and have arranged for me and a few others to meet the N900 Product Managers and have some hands on time with the device.

I’m really looking forward to having a play with the device, as I see this as my next phone I’ll purchase myself.

I’ll be keeping everyone informed of how i’m getting on via Twitter, so if you’re not doing so already then follow me @nokiaaddict or @gerrymoth

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Welcoming’s newest team member – ME!

16 04 2009

Hi there! My name  is Kip Hakes and I’ve joined to post reviews, videos and comment on all the latest happenings in the world of Nokia. I’m proud to say I’ve owned too many Nokia handsets in my time (FAR too many!) this combined with a 1st in Geekery will hopefully help in giving you some kick-ass content to read!  By day I’m a designer, but by night I’m a screen tapping-button pressing Nokia Addict! I look forward to your comments and banter!

nokiAAddict is 1 Year Old Today

26 03 2009

The website is 1 year old today. I’d like to thank everyone for their interaction in making running the site enjoyable, via either comments on the site itself or on one of the many Social Networks I use.

Its been a quick year and I’ve seen the site grow from a few friends visiting to getting anywhere between 2000 to 7000 hits a day, depending on the news item (Firmware updates are always a good hitter).

I’ve reviewed several phones and accessories during the year, but my main love has always been the applications you can use on S60 powered devices. I love finding new applications to do something different or something quicker or something better. I introduced the Downloads page to help others sample the applications I use on my phone and I’ve created my own Podcast Web Directory to allow you to subscribe to the very best podcasts.

The has always been a one man show, with myself the gerrymoth running the show and its all been done in my spare time and at my own expense. I don’t and will never have Ads on my site. I’ve received goodies from several companies/individuals along the way, these goodies have been things like free licenses for products or stickers (I do like my stickers, anyone got NOKIA ones???) and last year I was given some phones (Nokia N95 8GB, N78, N82, N96) to trial thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia.

If you where on Twitter yesterday you may have heard me rant a little bit, I’ve calmed down now and had a very good think about what I want to do with this site going forward. The trial phones seem to have dried up, so I’m going it alone and will focus on what I’m doing with MY phones and not what’s going on in the world of NOKIA. I’m armed at the moment with a Nokia N95 8GB, E71 and 5800XM, I’ve sold my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet as I wasn’t using it that much and I got a bit bored with it as well, so the Mameo side of this might dry up a bit. But be reassured armed with the best Nokia phone I’ve ever had the E71 and my other secondary phones you’ll still get the very best applications to try on your phones and if companies want me to try out any of their accessories I’ll be quite happy to help them out.


 Coming Soon: New improved Downloads page, improved podcast & streaming music directory and post on what the gerrymoth does on his E71.

UPDATE: nokiAAddict Podcast Directory

26 02 2009

I’ve updated the nokiAAddict Podcast Directory and removed my own links to the BBC Radio Podcasts and replaced with the official one now.

I’ve also added in some Trance/Dance feeds at the request of my friend Andy Mc (GoodSkills).

Remember if there is a great podcast you want adding to the directory just let me know 🙂

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What’s Installed in the Nokia E71

23 09 2008

What’s installed in the Nokia E71:


Pre-Installed in the Nokia E71:

Nokia Maps v2.0 (FREE 90 days Drive & Walk License provided)

Nokia Share Online v3.0.08.19

Nokia Search v4.00 (Who needs Google Search app?)

Nokia Dictionary

Nokia Podcasting v1.10.1

Nokia Active Notes

Nokia MultiScanner

Psiloc Wireless Presenter v2.23

Advanced Call Manager v2.68

Nokia Team Suite is now imbedded into Contacts

QuickOffice v4.1.35.0 (Full Version)

RT Global Racer


What gerrymoth has installed on the Nokia E71:

Nokia OVI Sync

Nokia Chat

Nokia Sports Tracker

Nokia Internet Radio

LCG X-Plore

LCG Slick

LCG Profimail


Google Maps



Sky Anytime

Skype for 3





Opera Mini


Profile Scheduler

Theme Scheduler

Fake Messages

Epocware Handy Taskman

Epocware Handy Clock

Kylom Projekt


Jaiku Mobile


Mobileways Remote S60 Pro


Psiloc irRemote