FREE OVI Maps Navigation

21 01 2010

First with the news was Symbian-Guru that the announcement today by Nokia will bring FREE OVI Maps Navigation for selected Nokia devices only? Available for 10 of Nokia’s GPS-equipped devices: the Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E72, Nokia 5230, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6730 classic and Nokia X6.

Noticed no normal Nokia N97, this wont go down well with the already very unhappy N97 users, but I’ve been informed by Nokia Conversations that the N97 is coming soon along with other handsets. Speculation on twitter is its also coming to the N900 (whoop whoop!).

The Nokia Event kicked off at 09:45hrs GMT

Download: FREE OVI Maps Navigation is here

FREE with New OVI Maps:
– Worldwide Maps
– Drive & Walk Navigation
– Traffic Info Updates
– Weather (GPS Enabled)
– Events: Cinema Listings (GPS Enabled)
– Michelin Guides (GPS Enabled)
– Share Location with Facebook
– Favourites Online Syncing
– Speed and Safety Spot Warner

GPS Enabled means it takes your position from GPS and gives local information automatically.


The OVI Daily App – Must Have App of the Year Awards 2009

12 01 2010

Think I missed this during the Christmas break, so Nokia and OVI put together their must have apps of 2009.

Have to say I agree with some of them like Vlingo, Gravity and Nimbuzz (3 featured apps on, but Shazam? (Mobbler for me), WorldMate? (OVI Maps for me), Nokia Photo Browser? (ImageExchange for me on the E71 at least), SPB TV? (Not a great selection of TV Channels for me, much prefer BBC iPlayer in that category) and WTF is MicroPool? (Need to download now and try) 😀

Do you agree with Nokia and OVI on the must have apps for 2009?

The N900 OVI Store is now Open

12 01 2010

The N900 got an Over The Air (OTA) Firmware upgrade yesterday to Version 1.2009.44-1.203.4 and as part of that upgrade it allowed the OVI Store to be opened.

Welcome to the Store, go grab Angry Birds and Solitaire touch games, themes and a few applications.

The stores not got a great selection at the moment, but hopefully it will get some new items in it every day 🙂

The firmware update to the N900 also brings a new look Application Manager and improves the performance of the device significantly.

PS: I updated MyMenu (From Qole Repos) on my device yesterday morning and it screwed my device up, so had to reflash my devices firmware again. This was easily done using Maemo Flasher v3.5, my Xubuntu laptop and the N900 connected via the USB cable. I noticed after I’d reflashed all my data (calender, contacts, settings) was still there, but I had to reinstall all applications again.

N97 OVI Maps & Lifecasting

2 09 2009

Nokia Betalabs have just released a new version of OVI Maps and a new OVI Lifecasting application for the N97.

Instructions and files are all available from Nokia Betalabs CLICK HERE

Nokia Messaging – Initial E75 IM Beta (More Devices Coming Soon)

29 06 2009

Nokia Betalabs have just posted an update to Nokia Messaging for the E75 only which adds Instant Messaging for OVI and Yahoo! Messenger, but @nokiamessaging just tweeted that support for more devices and communities is coming soon, so keep your eye on Nokia Betalabs or just read

I don’t have a E75, so if any my readers have one and want to install and comment, please do 🙂

Via: Nokia Messaging – E75 IM Beta | Nokia Beta Labs.

Post to WordPress using Share on OVI 3.0

12 03 2009

Phoneboy has brought us news its now possible again to use Share on OVI v3.0 to post to WordPress.

Full instructions can be found over on Phoneboy’s website HERE

Should all themes be like the New OVI Theme?

26 02 2009

Nokia Conversations have officially released details of the new OVI Blue Theme (S60 3.1 & 3.2 devices) after its been doing the rounds unofficially for the last few days on the net.

NEW OVI Blue Theme

NEW OVI Blue Theme

This OVI theme is really nice and brings us the same icons avaliable in the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, but what I really like about this theme is it also comes supplied with a new ringtone, message alert and screensaver.

Why can’t all Themes be like this?

Via: Here’s that Ovi theme | Nokia Conversations.

Download HERE