Nokia & Microsoft Announcement – Office Mobile Is Coming

12 08 2009

Nokia and Microsoft have just annouced their collaboration to produce a Office Mobile suite and communication applications for initially E-Series Nokia devices and then rolled out to all Nokia devices eventually.

Read the full story in the Press Annoucement and watch the video from the press kit.

Nokia_Office Mobile
Nokia Press Announcement 

Download Press Kit




2 responses

14 08 2009
Article 10

This is a great development!
Let’s face it; the business world revolves around the Microsoft Office suite. So having Office software available on smart phones will be a godsend to busy individuals who are always on the move, no longer restricting them to the confines of the office. It will be particularly useful on road to important meetings as it will allow PowerPoint users to flick through slides and view notes to practice their presentations, or even edit and tweak their PowerPoint files on their morning commute or business trip.

17 08 2009
Justin Goldberg

MS pretty much has to do this before the majority of phones have real web browsers (eg. they support AJAX) and web-based apps like Google Docs and Zoho are ubiquitous, enterprise-ready, mature, and feature-rich.

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