Giving Up the Internet for Lent

16 02 2010

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and so starts the 40 days and nights of Lent in the Catholic calendar. As part of Lent you are supposed to give up something, a fast of such, and in past years I have give up Alcohol, sweets and the hardest yet Coffee.

What I have planned to give up this year is the Internet, yes you heard right, I’m planning to unplug from all Social Networks, not look at my Google Reader, turn off Google Buzz and not blog on any of my websites. Can I survive 6 weeks?

I made the decision over the weekend as I realised I spend most of my time checking what’s online rather than looking at what’s offline and right in front of me. I think this will be hard, but hopefully rewarding.


Note: Kip Hakes will still be on hand at for comments moderation and news updates.


Interview with gerrymoth

6 02 2010

My online friend Micky from interviewed me the other day and has just posted my answers to his Nokia related questions.

Check it out and see what I think about things 🙂

FREE OVI Maps Navigation

21 01 2010

First with the news was Symbian-Guru that the announcement today by Nokia will bring FREE OVI Maps Navigation for selected Nokia devices only? Available for 10 of Nokia’s GPS-equipped devices: the Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition, Nokia E52, Nokia E55, Nokia E72, Nokia 5230, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6730 classic and Nokia X6.

Noticed no normal Nokia N97, this wont go down well with the already very unhappy N97 users, but I’ve been informed by Nokia Conversations that the N97 is coming soon along with other handsets. Speculation on twitter is its also coming to the N900 (whoop whoop!).

The Nokia Event kicked off at 09:45hrs GMT

Download: FREE OVI Maps Navigation is here

FREE with New OVI Maps:
– Worldwide Maps
– Drive & Walk Navigation
– Traffic Info Updates
– Weather (GPS Enabled)
– Events: Cinema Listings (GPS Enabled)
– Michelin Guides (GPS Enabled)
– Share Location with Facebook
– Favourites Online Syncing
– Speed and Safety Spot Warner

GPS Enabled means it takes your position from GPS and gives local information automatically.

Nokia Event 21st January 2010

20 01 2010

I have my seat reserved ONLINE 😀

The OVI Daily App – Must Have App of the Year Awards 2009

12 01 2010

Think I missed this during the Christmas break, so Nokia and OVI put together their must have apps of 2009.

Have to say I agree with some of them like Vlingo, Gravity and Nimbuzz (3 featured apps on, but Shazam? (Mobbler for me), WorldMate? (OVI Maps for me), Nokia Photo Browser? (ImageExchange for me on the E71 at least), SPB TV? (Not a great selection of TV Channels for me, much prefer BBC iPlayer in that category) and WTF is MicroPool? (Need to download now and try) 😀

Do you agree with Nokia and OVI on the must have apps for 2009?

nokiAAddict Application of 2009 – GRAVITY

23 12 2009

I’ve been thinking back over the year and I have to say Gravity wins my award for “Symbian Application of 2009”.

I was very luck enough to be in at the very start of the development of this application as a beta tester and I have seen it develop over the year from a simple twitter client to the power app it is now.

Just in case you don’t know Gravity is a native Twitter client for the S60v3 and S60v5 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture and TwitPic, preview pictures from Mobypicture, Twitpic, TwitGoo,, YFrog and, forward tweets via sms and email, post URLs to delicious and Instapaper and audio and visual notifications.

Gravity also has Facebook, which is not as feature rich as twitter, but still allows you to view and post messages and view photos inline from Facebook.

Gravity also recently added Google Reader feature which just put the icing on the cake for me. Everything I need and use to keep up to date with the mobile and web news all in one single application.

Only very recently a new Gravity-Preview version of the application was released with a new improved Dashboard, better Twitter Lists and Search and a few hidden gems like “Important” thrown in by @Janole (Gravity Developer on twitter) to keep this application improving every month, week, day…

@janole is planning to make the Gravity-Preview version 1.30 Build 6232 a release candidate very soon for everyone to enjoy and he’s already looking ahead to improve and bring new features to this already superb application. Planned for next feature updates are a completely new message editor (multiple accounts, adding hashtags, selecting users, adding geolocation, adding pictures/videos/audio from the gallery and geolocation search) and also polishing up the existing Facebook and Google Reader.

What makes Gravity also stand out above all other symbian applications is the overall user interface, @janole has manage to make Gravity work smooth and very very fast and uses every bit of space on the screen to allow you to select all the functions you require fast and efficiently, maybe its just how the Germans work and develop? 😀

Do you use Gravity? What do you think of it? Post a comment and let me know?

Download Gravity (Stable release)
Download Gravity-Alpha (Alpha release and use at owners risk)
Download Gravity-Preview (Preview release and use at owners risk)

What’s in the Box? – Its a E72

7 12 2009

that's the reason i love nokia.jpg

WOMWorld/Nokia ask me to take part in a Challenge a few weeks ago and I agreed, last week I got an email saying they would be sending me a box and I had one part of a clue that I needed to work with my team mates to crack the code from the clues supplied in the posters which came with the boxes.

The team members:
Clue: I was given street cred by a world leader.
Tam Hanna
Clue: I am an urban dwelling professional.
Stefanos Kofopoulos
Clue: I came with a price tag of the equivalent of over 4,000EUR
Ibrahim Jogee
Clue: I’ll fit in perfectly on Wall Street.

Once the code was cracked it would open the box. Unfortunately DHL had other ideas and cracked three of the boxes literately, they arrived with the glass box smashed, so no need for the code breaking 😀

One box remained and I thought I had cracked the cryptic code of 1987 but the last remaining team mate @titanas said the code was wrong. I quickly checked with WOMWorld/Nokia and the code was correct, so @titanas has a hammer in his hand ready to unbox

It is amazing that 4 unknown people from around the world can quickly email and twitter each other to communicate and solve a puzzle 😀

So I have a Nokia E72 at home to play with. How will it shape up to its older brother the E71, only one thing for it!

FIGHT! E71 v E72