How to setup VoIP SIP in Nimbuzz

8 12 2009

I’ve had a few people ask me about setting VOIP SIP up on their Nokia phones. I personally used to setup SIP manually on my N95 8GB, but Nokia for some reason have removed the manual setup method in newer phones and have left it up to 3rd Party developers to handle this now? Strange!

Anyways, I personally use Nimbuzz for SIP along with the SIP provider SIPGATE, I picked Sipgate as they used to allowed you to setup a free regional UK landline number (its now 0845 or 0870 numbers).

Here are the steps to get SIP working:-

1. Install Nimbuzz
Download and install Nimbuzz to you phone and register.
Note: Nimbuzz can also be used for IM Chat and Talk.

2. Register with a SIP Provider
I choose Sipgate as it was FREE and you don’t have to top-up with a minimum amount every month to keep your account active. Its up to you what provider you choose. Whatever SIP Provider you choose they will supply you all the settings you require when you register which you will need for Nimbuzz.

3. Setup SIP in Nimbuzz
Open Nimbuzz, login, then open ‘Options/Settings/SIP providers’ and select from the providers listed or select ‘Other’.

Enter your settings for the SIP provider, for Sipgate you just need your username, password and proxy server settings and select SAVE. If successful Nimbuzz will inform you and your SIP Provider status should change to ACTIVE.
Now goto ‘Options/Settings/VoIP provider settings’ and select SIP as your VoIP Provider and when you goto Calls in Nimbuzz you will see the SIP image and if you select a number to call it will use SIP for the calls.




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9 12 2009

Hey Gerry:

Thanks for posting Nimbuzz guideline, the pics really help. Much appreciated!


9 12 2009

Actually you can set up nokia sip voip for n97 mini/classic

nokia forum recently released a touch version of nokia native sip voip settin application for n97 classic and mini

thank for the information, I start to consider using sipgate, what do you think of sipphone, voipcheap, poivy?

Not a fan of fring, nimbuzz, I have difficulty to connect skype user using nokia sip voip client, any solution? Thanks

9 12 2009

Can you point me to this Nokia Forum SIP application?

10 12 2009
Rasheid ahmad

Hi i have a nimbuzz account and g buy cridet and when i try to call phone is ringing but when i answer the cal then no vioce i can.t here the vioce the other parti also my phone model is 6120c now what should i have to do .?

10 12 2009

Email or chat with them on twitter @nimbuzz They are very approachable and will help you resolve this issue.

11 12 2009
Mobile VOIP client updates | UK Gadgeteer Website

[…] SIP support, and as NokiAAddict are UK based, the guide shows using a UK VOIP provider.  See here for their […]

31 12 2009

please am frm emirates, long time use nimbuzz, put call sip setting as below:

domain: voip

now its connected but i am able to call international.if any different settings please advise.



5 01 2010

ash: think you have it round the wrong way? should it not be proxy left blank and domain ?

21 03 2010

In hp ipaq data mesenger, when i tried to make call on buddies and using voip account , the rings goes and connected and i cannot hear the other part sound and the same other party cannot hear my voice. please advice.

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