AUDIALS MOBILE – Music Downloaded Direct To Your Mobile

18 06 2009

Audials Mobile is the only software that allows you to download the best MP3 music the Internet has to offer from the newest generation of social radio stations. It’s like taking candy from a baby! With Audials Mobile, your cell phone will be bursting at the seams with the latest pop, rock, rap, hip hop, metal, electro, trance, techno and music from many other genres as well as the latest hits from the charts. Music recording of radios is legally and free!

Just installed this great music download application onto my Nokia E71, 5800XM and N97. It allows you to search for artist, then it lists all the songs for you to then download and listen to, directly on your phone (DRM FREE). There are additional plugins you can install to widen your search field, but so far I’m really impressed with this app. My wifi will be getting hammered at the weekend downloading LOADS of music, so if I find any problems with this app I’ll let you all know.

Price: £7.90 Special Discount Price





4 responses

18 06 2009

How’s the audio quality of the downloaded tracks. From the website, it seems that the music tracks you get are recorded versions from streaming radio stations online.

19 06 2009

They aren’t bad at all to be honest – pretty darn good! Sounded fab having them blasting out of my 5800XM 🙂

23 06 2009

Agree with Kip on this one, was playing some David Guetta tunes I’d downloaded last night and they sounded BANGING on the 5800XM 😀

19 06 2009

works great on my nokia n95 8gb nam. I havent found any issues yet

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